Royal Rumble PPV

royal rumble match 2011

The Royal Rumble PPV has been a staple of the WWE calendar; being one of the most unpredictable matches of the year. Devised as an idea by Hall of Famer Pat Paterson; the 1988 Royal Rumble saw 20 men compete in a match modified from a standard battle royale. Due to its success, the match received it’s own PPV slot in January 1989, this time adding 30 men to the match and never looked back since.

Over the past 30 years the Royal Rumble has been seen as the start of WrestleMania season; declaring a number one contender for that years WrestleMania. The likes of Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin made names for themselves by winning multiple Rumble matches. Upcoming stars like Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena have all won the match on route on becoming champion.

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