WWE World Heavyweight Title Reigns

WWE World Heavyweight Title Reigns

Following the brand split in April 2002, the WWE Undisputed Champion defended the title on both Raw & Smackdown. Following Stephanie McMahon’s acquisition of Brock Lesnar, made the WWE title exclusive to Smackdown. Raw general manager Eric Bischoff declared that Raw needed its own World Champion. On 2nd September 2002 episode of Raw, Eric declared that Triple H would be the inaugural champion. We look at all the WWE World Heavyweight title reigns.

The title was switched between Raw and Smackdown over the years; however the likes of Batista, Undertaker and Edge made the World title Smackdown’s prize. Following the demise of the brand split the title was merged with the WWE Championship at TLC 2013. Randy Orton, the youngest champion of all time became the final champion.

 World Heavyweight Title History

NameDateEventDays Held
Triple H9/2/2002Raw76
Title was given to Triple H by Eric Bishoff.
Shawn Michaels11/17/2002Survivor Series28
Triple H12/15/2002Armageddon280
Triple H12/14/2003Armageddon91
Chris Benoit3/14/2004WrestleMania154
Randy Orton8/15/2004SummerSlam28
Triple H9/12/2004Unforgiven85
Triple H1/9/2005New Years Revolution84
 The championship was vacated after a double fall occurred in a triple threat match, also involving Chris Benoit and Edge.
Kurt Angle1/10/2006SmackDown82
Title was forfitted due to injury by Batista. Kurt Angle won a battle royale for a new champion.
Rey Mysterio4/2/2006WrestleMania112
King Booker7/23/2006Great American Bash126
The Undertaker4/1/2007WrestleMania37
Edge5/8/2007One Night Stand70
Edge vacated the title after he was sidelined with a legit pectoral injury. This episode aired on tape delay on July 20, 2007.
The Great Khali7/17/2007SmackDown61
The Undertaker3/30/2008WrestleMania30
The SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero stripped The Undertaker of the title for using what she deemed to be a dangerous hold (Hell’s Gate). This episode aired on tape delay on May 2, 2008.
Edge6/1/2008One Night Stand29
CM Punk6/30/2008Raw69
Chris Jericho9/7/2008Unforgiven49
Batista10/26/2008Cyber Sunday8
Chris Jericho11/3/2008Raw20
John Cena11/23/2008Survivor Series84
Edge2/15/2009No Way Out49
John Cena4/5/2009WrestleMania21
Jeff Hardy6/7/2009Extreme Rules0
CM Punk6/7/2009Extreme Rules49
Jeff Hardy7/26/2009Night of Champions28
CM Punk8/23/2009SummerSlam42
The Undertaker10/4/2009Hell In A Cell140
Chris Jericho2/21/2010Elimination Chamber37
Jack Swagger3/30/2010SmackDown82
Rey Mysterio6/20/2010Fatal Four Way28
Kane7/18/2010Money In The Bank154
Dolph Ziggler2/15/2011SmackDown0
Edge forfitted the title following retirement. Title was decided in a lader match at Extreme Rules.
Christian5/1/2011Extreme Rules2
Randy Orton5/3/2011SmackDown75
Christian7/17/2011Money In The Bank28
Randy Orton8/14/2011SummerSlam35
Mark Henry9/18/2011Night of Champions91
Big Show12/18/2011TLC0
Daniel Bryan12/18/2011TLC105
Big Show10/28/2012Hell In A Cell72
Alberto Del Rio1/8/2013SmackDown90
Dolph Ziggler4/8/2013Raw69
Alberto Del Rio6/16/2013Payback133
John Cena10/27/2013Hell In A Cell49
Randy Orton12/15/2013TLCR
Title was unified with WWE Championship and retired.
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