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Longest Reigning WWE Champion

The longest reigning WWE Champion is history is Bruno Sammartino, he held the title for an impressive 4,040 days across two title reigns. The Hulksters six title reigns puts him in second position. John Cena is the only current WWE superstar who has held the title for more than 1000 days. Only Rey Mysterio and Andre The Giant have lost or surrendered the title.

RankChampionNo. of
Combined days
1Bruno Sammartino24,040
2Hulk Hogan62,185
3Bob Backlund22,138
4John Cena121,240
5Pedro Morales11,027
6Bret Hart5654
7Randy Orton8609
8Brock Lesnar4579
9Triple H8539
10Stone Cold Steve Austin6529
11Randy Savage2520
12CM Punk2462
13Shawn Michaels3396
14The Rock8367
16Kurt Angle4297
17Superstar Billy Graham1296
18The Ultimate Warrior1293
John “Bradshaw” Layfield1280
21The Undertaker4238
22Seth Rollins1220
24The Miz1160
26Eddie Guerrero1133
27Ric Flair2118
28Chris Jericho198
29Sycho Sid297
30Alberto Del Rio284
31Big Show278
32Daniel Bryan365
33Sgt. Slaughter164
35Jeff Hardy142
37The Iron Sheik128
38Buddy Rogers122
Rob Van Dam122
40Ivan Koloff121
41Roman Reigns214+
42Stan Stasiak19
43Mr. McMahon16
45Rey Mysterio1<1
André the Giant1<1

Most Number of WWE Title Reigns

John Cena has held the WWE Championship 12 times, along with three World Heavyweight title reigns is a 15 time world champion. Randy Orton, Triple H and The Rock have held the title 8 times.

ChampionNo. of
John Cena12
Randy Orton8
Triple H8
The Rock8
Hulk Hogan6
Stone Cold Steve Austin6
Bret Hart5
Brock Lesnar4
Kurt Angle4
The Undertaker4
Shawn Michaels3
Daniel Bryan3

Longest WWE Title Reigns

No.ChampionReignDateDays heldEventNotes
1Bruno Sammartino1May 17, 19632,803House show
2Bob Backlund1February 20, 19782,135
House showThe title was renamed the WWF Heavyweight Championship when the World Wide Wrestling Federation became the World Wrestling Federation in March 1979.
3Hulk Hogan1January 23, 19841,474House show
4Bob BacklundDecember 17, 19791,470House showWWE recognizes Backlund’s first and second reigns as being uninterrupted, and considers this a continuation of the first. Backlund defeated Bobby Duncum in a Texas Death match to fill the vacancy.
5Bruno Sammartino2December 10, 19731,237House show
6Pedro Morales1February 8, 19711,027House showTitle renamed WWWF Heavyweight Championship when WWWF rejoined the NWA in 1971.
7CM Punk2November 20, 2011434Survivor Series
8John Cena3September 17, 2006380UnforgivenThis was a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.
9Randy Savage1March 27, 1988371WrestleMania IVDefeated Ted DiBiase in a tournament final to win the vacant title.
10Hulk Hogan2April 2, 1989364WrestleMania V
11Diesel1November 26, 1994358House show


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