WWE European Title History

WWE European Title History

In March 1997, WWE introduced the WWE European title. Englishmen, British Bulldog won the belt after beating his tag team partner Owen Hart in the final. The title became infamous when Shawn Michaels defeated Bulldog in Birmingham at One Night Only. Over the Attitude Era; the European title served as a stepping stone to the upper mid card. Crowing 8 future World Champions. After five years, the title was unified with the Intercontinental Championship following the brand split.

No.ChampionReignDateDays heldEvent
1The British Bulldog1February 26, 1997206Raw
Defeated Owen Hart in a tournament final to become the first champion.
2Shawn Michaels1September 20, 199782One Night Only
Becomes first Grand Slam Champion with this win.
3Triple H1December 11, 199740Raw
Aired December 22. Michaels was ordered to defend the title against Helmsley by WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter. Michaels intentionally lost the match.
4Owen Hart1January 20, 199855Raw is War
Aired January 26. Defeated The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust, who was dressed as Triple H. Commissioner Slaughter awards the title to Hart considering Goldust as a substitution for Triple H.
5Triple H2March 16, 1998120Raw is War
6D’Lo Brown1July 14, 199863Raw is War
7X-Pac1September 15, 199814Raw is War
8D’Lo Brown2September 29, 199819Raw is War
9X-Pac2October 18, 1998120Judgment Day: In Your House
10Shane McMahon1February 15, 199943Raw is War
Defeated X-Pac in a tag team match with Shane McMahon and Kane vs. Triple H and X-Pac.
DeactivatedMarch 30, 1999Sunday Night Heat
McMahon “retired as champion.” Aired April 4.
11Mideon1June 21, 199934Raw is War
Shane McMahon awarded Mideon the title after he found the title in McMahon’s duffel bag.
12D’Lo Brown3July 25, 199928Fully Loaded
Became the first wrestler to hold the European Championship and the WWF Intercontinental Championship at the same time.
13Jeff Jarrett1August 22, 19991SummerSlam
Also for Brown’s Intercontinental Championship.
14Mark Henry1August 23, 199934Raw is War
Jarrett gave the title to Henry as a gift for his assisting Jarrett in defeating Brown at SummerSlam.
15D’Lo Brown4September 26, 199930Unforgiven
16The British Bulldog2October 26, 199947SmackDown
17Val Venis1December 12, 199958Armageddon
This was a Triple Threat match also involving D’Lo Brown.
18Kurt Angle1February 8, 200054SmackDown
19Chris Jericho1April 2, 20001WrestleMania 2000
Won second fall of two fall Triple Threat Match against Angle and Chris Benoit (first fall was for Intercontinental Championship); pinned Benoit to claim championship.
20Eddie Guerrero1April 3, 2000111Raw is War
21Perry Saturn1July 23, 200037Fully Loaded
22Al Snow1August 29, 200048SmackDown!
23William Regal1October 16, 200047Raw is War
24Crash Holly1December 2, 20002Rebellion
25William Regal2December 4, 200049Raw is War
26Test1January 22, 200169Raw is War
27Eddie Guerrero2April 1, 200123WrestleMania X-Seven
28Matt Hardy1April 24, 2001125SmackDown
29The Hurricane1August 27, 200156Raw
30Bradshaw1October 22, 20018Raw
31Christian1October 30, 200191SmackDown
32Diamond Dallas Page1January 29, 200249SmackDown
33William Regal3March 19, 200220SmackDown
Title became exclusive to Raw when Regal was drafted to Raw brand on March 26, 2002.
34Spike Dudley1April 8, 200228Raw
35William Regal4May 6, 200263Raw
36Jeff Hardy1July 8, 200214Raw
37Rob Van Dam1July 22, 2002<1Raw
This was a ladder match, to unify the European Championship into the Intercontinental Championship.
UnifiedJuly 22, 2002Raw
Rob Van Dam unified the European Championship with the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

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