Survivor Series 2003

Survivor Series 2003

Survivor Series 2003

A Fall from Grace

Date: November 16 2003 | City: Dallas, Texas | Venue: American Airlines Center | Attendance: 13,487

Brands: RAW and SmackDown | Theme Song: “Build A Bridge” by Limp Bizkit | Sponsor: XBOX

Sunday Night Heat: (SmackDown) WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Tajiri (c) (w/ Akio and Sakoda) defeated Jamie Noble to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Traditional Survivor Series Five-on-Five Elimination Match

Team Angle: Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Hardcore Holly and Bradshaw defeated Team Lesnar: Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones and A-Train

Survivors: Chris Benoit and John Cena



Competitor Team Eliminator
1. Hardcore Holly Team Angle Disqualified
2. A-Train Team Lesnar Bradshaw
3. Bradshaw Team Angle The Big Show
4. Matt Morgan Team Lesnar Kurt Angle
5. Nathan Jones Team Lesnar Kurt Angle
6. Kurt Angle Team Angle Brock Lesnar
7. Brock Lesnar Team Lesnar Chris Benoit
8. The Big Show Team Lesnar John Cena

(RAW) WWE Women’s Championship

Molly Holly (c) defeated Lita to retain the WWE Women’s Championship

(RAW) Ambulance Match

Kane defeated Shane McMahon

(SmackDown) WWE Tag Team Championship

The Basham Brothers: Doug and Danny Basham (c) (w/ Shaniqua) defeated Los Guerreros: Eddie and Chavo Guerrero to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

(RAW) Traditional Survivor Series Five-on-Five Elimination Match

Team Bischoff: Chris Jericho, Christian, Randy Orton, Scott Steiner and Mark Henry (w/Eric Bischoff, Theodore Long and Stacy Keibler) defeated Team Austin: Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T and The Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley (w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Survivor: Randy Orton

NB: As a result of Team Austin losing, Stone Cold Steve Austin was fired from his role a Co-GM of RAW


Competitor Team Eliminator
1. Scott Steiner Team Bischoff Booker T
2. Booker T Team Austin Mark Henry
3. Mark Henry Team Bischoff Rob Van Dam
4. Rob Van Dam Team Austin Randy Orton
5. D-Von Dudley Team Austin Chris Jericho
6. Bubba Ray Dudley Team Austin Christian
7. Christian Team Bischoff Shawn Michaels
8. Chris Jericho Team Bischoff Shawn Michaels
9. Shawn Michaels Team Austin Randy Orton

(SmackDown) Buried Alive Match

Mr McMahon defeated The Undertaker

(RAW) World Heavyweight Championship

Goldberg (c) defeated Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

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