Survivor Series 1989

Survivor Series 1989

The WWF Thanksgiving Night Tradition

Date: November 23 1989

Venue: Rosemont Horizon

City: Rosemont, Illinois

Attendance: 15,294

  1. Boris Zhukov defeated Paul Roma
  2. Dusty Rhodes, Brutus Beefcake, The Red Rooster and Tito Santana [The Dream Team] defeated The Big Boss Man, Bad News Brown, Rick Martel and The Honky Tonk Man [The Enforcers] (accompanied by Slick and Jimmy Hart) in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match
  3. Randy Savage, Canadian Earthquake, Dino Bravo and Greg Valentine [The King’s Court] (accompanied by Jimmy Hart and Sensational Sherri) defeated Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, Ronnie Garvin and Hercules [The 4x4s] in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match
  4. Hulk Hogan, Demolition: Ax and Smash & Jake Roberts [The Hulkamaniacs] defeated Ted DiBiase, The Powers of Pain: The Warlord and The Barbarian &  Zeus [The Million Dollar Team] (accompanied by Virgil and Mr Fuji) in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match
  5. Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect and The Fabulous Rougeaus: Jacques and Raymond Rougeau [The Rude Brood] (accompanied by The Genius and Jimmy Hart) defeated Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and The Bushwhackers: Luke and Butch [Roddy’s Rowdies] in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match
  6. The Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers: Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty & Jim Neidhart [The Ultimate Warriors] defeated Bobby Heenan, Andre the Giant, Haku and Arn Anderson [The Heenan Family] in a Traditional Four-on-Four Elimination match

Match Stats:

Match 1 Survivors: Dusty Rhodes and Brutus Beefcake

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. Tito SantanaRick Martel
2. Bad News BrownCount-out
3. The Honky Tonk ManBrutus Beefcake
4. Rick MartelBrutus Beefcake
5. The Red RoosterThe Big Boss Man
6. The Big Boss ManDusty Rhodes

Match 2 Survivors: Randy Savage, Canadian Earthquake and Dino Bravo

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. HerculesCanadian Earthquake
2. Greg ValentineJim Duggan
3. Ronnie GarvinDino Bravo
4. Bret HartRandy Savage
5. Jim DugganCount-out

Match 3 Survivors: Hulk Hogan

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. ZeusDisqualification
2. AxThe Warlord
3. SmashThe Barbarian
4. The Powers of Pain (both men)Disqualification
5. Jake RobertsTed DiBiase
6. Ted DiBiaseHulk Hogan

Match 4 Survivors: Mr. Perfect

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. Jacques RougeauJimmy Snuka
2. Raymond RougeauRoddy Piper
3. Bushwhacker ButchMr. Perfect
4. Bushwhacker LukeRick Rude
5. Rick Rude and Roddy PiperDouble count-out
6. Jimmy SnukaMr. Perfect

Match 5 Survivors: The Ultimate Warrior

Elimination OrderCompetitor(s)Eliminator
1. Andre the GiantCount-out
2. Jim NeidhartHaku
3. Marty JannettyBobby Heenan
4. HakuShawn Michaels
5. Shawn MichaelsArn Anderson
6. Arn AndersonThe Ultimate Warrior
7. Bobby HeenanThe Ultimate Warrior

Image Credit: Survivor Series | Wrasslin’ Blog

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