Royal Rumble 2000

Royal Rumble:

Royal Rumble 2000

“The Road to WrestleMania Begins”

Date: January 23rd 2000

Venue: Madison Square Gardens

City: New York City

Attendance: 19,231


Royal Rumble 2000 saw Cactus Jack and Triple H raise the bar incredibly in a Street Fight that defined The Game as a main eventer. A certain Brooklyn resident made his WWE debut; whilst Hardy’s flew into tables. An unwelcome Mae Young crashed a bikini contest. In the Royal Rumble match, Too Cool danced, before Rikishi eliminated his tag partners. Bob Backlund made a shocking return to Madison Square Gardens. Whilst The Rock eliminates The Big Show to win the right to headline Wrestlemania 2000 (or does he?)


Tazz def. Kurt Angle

Hardy Boyz def. The Dudleys (Tables Match)

Mae Young wins the Miss Royal Rumble 2000 Competition

Co-Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho def. Co-Intercontinental Champion Chyna and Hardcore Holly to become the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion

World Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws def. the Acolytes

WWE Champion Triple H def. Cactus Jack (Street Fight Match)

The Rock last eliminates Big Show to win the Royal Rumble Match

Full Royal Rumble 2000 competitors

#Entrance#EliminationRing Time
1D-Lo Brown3Rikishi06:08
2Grand Master Sexy4Rikishi07:42
3Headbanger Mosh1Rikishi03:37
5Rikishi8Bossman, Test, Bulldog, Gangrel, Edge, & Backlund16:23
6Scotty Too Hotty5Rikishi01:02
7Steve Blackman6Rikishi00:44
9Big Bossman15The Rock22:47
10Test17The Big Show26:17
11British Bulldog13Road Dogg15:22
12Gangrel18The Big Show23:19
13Edge14Val Venis & Al Snow14:48
14Bob Backlund9Chris Jericho02:00
15Chris Jericho10Chyna03:47
16Crash Holly16The Rock14:54
17Chyna11Big Bossman00:37
18Faarooq12Big Bossman00:18
19Road Dogg25Billy Gunn19:02
20Al Snow24The Rock17:17
21Val Venis20Kane11:47
22Prince Albert21Kane11:23
23Hardcore Holly22Al Snow11:48
24The RockRoyal Rumble Winner14:47
25Billy Gunn26Kane09:38
26The Big Show29The Rock11:12
27Bradshaw19Road Dogg & Billy Gunn00:25
29Godfather23The Big Show01:32
30X-Pac28The Big Show03:32

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