In Your House 10 – Mind Games

In Your House:

In Your House 10

Mind Games

| Date: September 22 1996 | Venue: CoreStates Arena | City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Attendance: 15,000 |

In Your House 10, saw Mick Foley get his first WWE main event, facing Shawn Michaels in an intense brawl. During the Free-For-All, Bradshaw got involved with Savio Vega match with Faarooq. As a result the two faced off in the event’s opener. This was Bradshaw’s first PPV appearance. During the match, ECW stars The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer were shown at ringside. The two got involved in the match and began the start of a working relationship between WWE and ECW.

In literally his first match, Mark Henry faced Jerry Lawler. The match itself was terrible due to a massive lack of experience on Henry’s behalf. As a result, WWE sent Henry to developmental. Amazingly and full credit to Mark, he is employed by the company a near 20 years later.

Dark matches

Jake Roberts defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Faarooq defeated Savio Vega

Sycho Sid defeated Vader

Free For All Match

Savio Vega defeated Marty Jannetty

In Your House 10 Results

Savio Vega defeated Justin Bradshaw in a Caribbean Strap match

Jose Lothario defeated Jim Cornette

Owen Hart and The British Bulldog defeated The Smoking Gunns: Billy and Bart Gunn (c) (accompanied by Sunny) to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship

Mark Henry defeated Jerry Lawler

The Undertaker defeated Goldust (accompanied by Marlena) in a Final Curtain match

Shawn Michaels (c) (accompanied by Jose Lothario) defeated Mankind (accompanied by Paul Bearer) via DQ to retain the WWE Championship

Image Credit: Culture Crossfire IYH 1 Rewind

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