In Your House 18 – Bad Blood 1997

Badd Blood: In Your House

Date: October 5 1997 | Venue: Kiel Center | City: St. Louis, Missouri |Attendance: 21,151

The Nation of Domination: Rocky Maivia, Kama Mustafa and D’Lo Brown defeated The Legion of Doom: Hawk and Animal in a Three-on-Two Handicap match

Max Mini and Nova defeated Tarantula and Mosaic

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Godwinns: Henry O. and Phineas I. (accompanied by Uncle Cletus) defeated The Headbangers: Mosh and Thrasher (c) to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Owen Hart defeated Faarooq to capture the WWE Intercontinental Championship

The Disciples of Apocalypse: Crush, Chainz, 8-Ball and Skull defeated Los Boricuas: Savio Vega, Jesus Castillo Jr, Jose Estrada Jr and Miguel Perez Jr

Bret Hart and The British Bulldog defeated Vader and The Patriot in a Flag match

Hell In A Cell Match

Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker to become the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship in a Hell in a Cell match

Image Credit: Culture Crossfire IYH 1 Rewind

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