Fully Loaded 1999

Fully Loaded 1999

| Date: July 25 1999 | Venue: Marine Midland Arena | City: Buffalo, New York | Attendance: 16,605 |

July 1999’s PPV saw Vince McMahon stack the odds massively in the WWE Title match. Following regaining control of the WWE at King Of The Ring 1999, Stone Cold Steve Austin made one last move as WWE Owner. A title match for Austin against The Undertaker. The match on Raw, saw Austin regain his WWE Title that he lost to the Deadman at Over The Edge. Vince wasn’t too pleased and decided to make a First Blood match with Austin and the Undertaker. If Austin lost, he would never receive a WWE Title match again, whilst McMahon would be banished from WWE if Austin won.

In the rest of the card, Triple H and The Rock faced off in a number one contenders match Fully Loaded Strap match, with the winner getting the opportunity at Summerslam. Jeff Jarrett had a rematch against Edge, whom he lost the Intercontinental Championship the previous night. The Tag Titles, Hardcore and European championship were also on the line.

Sunday Night Heat

Val Venis defeated Joey Abs
The Godfather defeated Meat
Christian defeated Viscera

Fully Loaded 1999 Results

Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Jarrett (accompanied by Debra) defeated Edge (c) to capture the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Tag Team Championship Match

The Acolytes: Faarooq and Bradshaw defeated Michael Hayes and The Hardy Boyz: Matt and Jeff Hardy (c) to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship in a Handicap Acolyte Rules match

European Championship Match

D’Lo Brown defeated Mideon (c) to capture the WWE European Championship

Hardcore Championship Match

The Big Boss Man defeated Al Snow (c) to capture the WWE Hardcore Championship in a Hardcore match

The Big Show defeated Kane with Hardcore Holly as the Special Guest Referee

Iron Circle match

Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman in an Iron Circle match

D-Generation X: Road Dogg and X-Pac defeated D-Generation X: Billy Gunn and Chyna for the Right to the D-Generation X name

Number one contenders Strap match for WWE Championship

Triple H (accompanied by Chyna) defeated The Rock in a Fully Loaded Strap match to become Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam

First Blood WWE Championship Match

Steve Austin (c) defeated The Undertaker to retain the WWE Championship in a First Blood match
As pre-match stipulation, if The Undertaker lost Vince McMahon is banished from WWE television
As pre-match stipulation, if Steve Austin lost he would never receive another WWE Championship match

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