ECW December to Dismember

ECW December to Dismember Results

| Date December 3, 2006 | City August, GA | Venue James Brown Arena | Attendance 4,800

ECW December to Dismember results – The first and only ECW exclusive PPV event held under the WWE banner. For the time, the event drew record low PPV buys and abysmal wrestling sealed the direction of ECW forever. The last brand exclusive event took place at No Way Out 2007. Paul Heyman hated the booking so much he walked out on WWE until 2012 following the event.

The main event of the show saw six men locked inside the Elimination Chamber, however weapons were also included to fully disassemble your opponent. Originally Sabu was set to compete, however was changed to Hardcore Holly prior to the event taking place. Current ECW Champion, The Big Show lost the title to newcomer Bobby Lashley.

Paul Heyman, wanted The Big Show to be eliminated first, thus giving suspense to crowning a new champion. Instead fan favourites of RVD and CM Punk were first to go. It was a foregone conclusion when it came down to Big Show and Bobby Lashley.

Stevie Richards pinned Rene Dupree.

Matt & Jeff Hardy beat Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury when Jeff pinned Nitro.

Balls Mahoney pinned Matt Striker.

Sylvester Terkay & Elijah Burke beat Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke when Burke pinned Mamaluke.

Daivari pinned Tommy Dreamer.

Kevin Thorn & Ariel beat Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly when Ariel pinned Kelly.

ECW Title Extreme Elimination Chamber match

Bobby Lashley won the ECW Title.

Rob Van Dam pinned CM Punk (12:35).
Test pinned Bob Holly (12:45).
Test pinned Van Dam (14:00).
Bobby Lashley pinned Test (19:42).
Lashley pinned The Big Show (c) (24:42).

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