Opinion – Things To Takeaway From WrestleMania

The dust from the 34th annual spectular of WrestleMania has settled. New champions have been crowned, bridges burned, new stars have shone and a Deadman rose. What else can we take away from a fun WrestleMania 34.

The Deadman Still Has It

Despite all indications to retirement at the end of WrestleMania 33; John Cena persued The Undertaker. Did the Dean Man answer? Well Elias did… in hilarious fashion ridiculing John Cena and the crowd in New Orleans. following a good old beat down John Cena began to walk back. Then magic happened. Following some cool trickery The Undertaker appeared as the Phoneom. 2 minutes 30 seconds later pinned John Cena.

It was a sweet quick match and great to see Undertaker so agile. If this is his last match it’s a fitting end to an historic career

Nicholas The Youngest Ever WWE Champion

WWE created a WrestleMania meme moment like none other. With no sensible choices Braun Strowman went to the crowd and picked a kid called Nicholas to be his tag partner. A quick in and out tag was all the believed 10 year old could muster. None the less Strowman picked up the win making Nicholas the youngest ever tag team champion and any in WWE. Roll up King Maxwell who has 8 years left to beat the insanely stupid record.

The Beast and Reigns Shone

For what it was Wrestlemania’s main event was tons better than expected. Reigns held it together in a brutal beat down by Brock Lesnar. 5 F5s later and a brutal blood bathing punch Brock Lesnar surprised the WWE Universe by retaining.

If you hated the match you are lying to yourself. It served it’s purpose and it delivered; in Reigns best Mania main event since 31.

Daniel Bryans Return Lacked Something Special

If ticket sales are struggling add the one guy no one expects to the card. Daniel Bryans return should have been special. To see The Yes movement montage and his reaction coming to The ring was immense. That feel good moments only Mania can provide.

Yet the match was doomed from the start when Owens and Zayn took out Daniel Bryan before the bell even rang. It ruined any recovery from the good moment especially when the medics who rushed to the stage. From there it was obvious Daniel would return and the underdog story just left unbelievable. Shane struggled through obvious pain throughout the match when it should have been sgared. With the clean win something else was missing, some tension between Shane and Daniel maybe? Or maybe I’m a dreamer? Daniel Bryan is back and is ready to fight.

Ultimate Disrespect

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamuras fight was built purely on respect. That they would have a 5 star match and who ever won deserved it. The match didn’t disappoint, a slow burn technically sound match. AJ phenomenally defeated the 2018 Royal Rumble winner.

In victory Shinsuke respectfully presented AJ his title in true Japanese fashion… however Shinsuke did the ultimate disrespect. Giving styles a huge low blow and a beat down. A huge shocking move that instantly gave us a reason to be invested.

Ronda Rousey Excelled

Everyone knew how talented Ronda Rousey is as a fighter. Could she pull it off inside a WWE ring? Alarm bells sounded with her pathetic acting ability that any school play could exceed. None the less Ronda at WrestleMania is money.

Did she deliver? Of course she did her brawl with HHH was stuff of legendary and she proved she deserves the be on the main stage of WWE.

Quick bites

  • The Bludgeon Brothers winning in a quick match was no surprise Nice to see them on top. Let’s see what happens when AOP arrive.
  • Nia Jaxs finally winning was a good moment even if the match was a struggle.
  • Sheamus and Cesaro riding the float was brilliant. All the big heads running away from Braun was class. It wouldn’t be a Braun appearance without a broken vehicle…
  • Miz performed well in his title defence. Nice to see Seth Rollins complete the crown. I do find it annoying WWEs obsession with this feat…
  • Bray Wyatt helping Matt Hardy made perfect sense in the Battle royal.
  • Speaking of Andre… it’s so sad to see Dolph Ziggler in his position. There was no point resigning that contract was there?
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