Thoughts on Bret Hart vs Stone Cold at WrestleMania 13

bret hart vs stone cold

Thoughts on Bret Hart vs Stone Cold at WrestleMania 13

It’s incredibly hard to think, 21 years ago Bret Hart collided with Stone Cold Steve Austin in their infamous Submission match at WrestleMania 13. It is the match which helped define Stone Cold as a main event player within the WWE. But it is also the night which took Bret Hart’s career in a completely different direction. Recently on the E&C Podcast of Awesomeness, both Bret Hart and Stone Cold opened up about their iconic match. Here is what they had to say on Bret Hart vs Stone Cold at WrestleMania 13…

  • When asked about his heel turn in the match, Bret Hart responded…

“I don’t think Steve knew anything they had in mind for me until the last minute, until that day. Steve was the first guy to come up to me and say, oh, Vince talked to him about me turning heel. Nobody up until that point, including everyone else in the dressing room, knew anything about it as far as I know. What I loved about the match, right from the start, are the entrances. If you watch Steve and I both go to the ring, he was the heel. He was the bad guy. I walk out and I’m kind of cheered. I’m the cool babyface and I’m coming in for revenge. It’s kind of funny how we were completely switched over by the end of it and we never changed our styles or do anything other than wrestle the same way we did all the time. And I think it was a bit of amazing psychology.”

  • When asked about Bret choosing to work with him, Stone Cold responded…

“Bret pretty much handpicked me…you were making a comeback from having your knee cleaned up. That was a big honor for me because we had worked at a couple of house shows and I think I was working with Shawn Michaels and you said to me in the dressing room, ‘hey man, that was a great match.’ You said, ‘I’ll work with you anytime’ and that was a big complement to me. He brought a reality-based product to the ring. We always knew the business was a work, but Bret was total reality to me, which is why I had so much respect for his work.”

What are your memories of Bret Hart vs Stone Cold at WrestleMania 13? We’d love to know what you think!

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