Latest on Brock Lesnar WWE Status

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Latest on Brock Lesnar WWE Status

It is officially that time of year once again. It is WrestleMania Season, and the Countdown to WrestleMania 34 is truly underway. But with the enigma of WrestleMania, comes something else. It is the time of year Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract expires and speculations leads to whether he will leave or remain? 2018 is no different. So what is Brock Lesnar WWE Status as it stands – has he re-signed yet?

Well in simple terms, no he hasn’t resigned yet. In a recent interview with, the WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H talked about the ongoing contract negotiations with Brock. Here is what he had to say:

“To be honest I really don’t have anything to share in this conversation and we’ll see where it goes’. Brock is Brock, he’s an interesting guy to be with, makes it challenging which is always wonderful and we’re working on it. We’ll see where that goes as time goes on.”

There has being a lot of speculation over whether he will resign or not. This was certainly heightened back in February when Brock was photographed by Dana Brooke in a UFC shirt – on the same day as the WWE’s Elimination Chamber 2018. With two weeks until WrestleMania 34, this could certainly be an interesting time.

From an editors and fans point of view, Brock Lesnar resigning would be a terrible mistake for the WWE. His current reign as WWE Universal Champion has being nothing short of forgettable, and actually holds back the RAW brand. The reason – the RAW brand needs to be able to grow and grow with competitive and interesting matches on a regular basis. Not a part-time champion who shows up, does the same routine, obliterates the future of the WWE and disappears. Brock isn’t the future of RAW anymore, and the WWE need to realise this. Let him go back to UFC!

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