WWE Opinion: Five People Who Can Win The Royal Rumble 2018

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Who Can Win the Royal Rumble 2018

For all wrestling fans, the turn of a new years means one thing. The road to WrestleMania and it’s first stop in infamous Royal Rumble event. 2018 will see the 30th anniversary of the over the top rope match and the inclusion of an all female Royal Rumble match. The 2018 Royal Rumble promises to be the biggest one yet… yes I am ignoring the failed 40 man event from 2011.

Speculation is high, who will outlast 30 men and walk into WrestleMania 34 as the number one contender guy. Today at Wrestling’s Dirty Deeds, we take an indepth look into who could walk away from Philadelphia as the 2018 Royal Rumble winner.

John Cena

Lucas, Lucas, Lucas… haven’t we Cenenugh? Yes let me explain, John Cena has been the guy on top for the past 13 years, a two time winner of the Royal Rumble and no doubt will exceed The Nature Boy with 17 World title reigns. WWE have teased Cena’s record breaking reign ever since his pointless WWE title run a year ago. Now why should a part timer take away the spot light. The clue is in the name of SmackDown Live’s WWE Champion; AJ Styles.

Sure Cena and Styles have clashed on more than one occasion, in fact John defeated Styles to win his 16th World title. Every of their 2016 encounters were instant classics, and the rubber match between the two should be at WrestleMania. WWE’s top star vs TNA’s made top star on the grandest stage of them all. A surefire counter to NJPW Alpha vs Omega blockbuster at WrestleKingdom. As much as we have seen it before, a Cena who have barely been on TV in the past 2 years has kept his character fresh. A showdown with The Phenomenal One just makes sense.

Roman Reigns

I hate that I am writing this myself… but Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar’s second WrestleMania match just about makes sense. It’s hardly any secret that Reigns is Mr McMahon’s very much failed chosen one and will not stop at any cause to force Reigns into the limelight for the fourth WrestleMania in a row. Reigns first faced Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31; his spotlight was stolen from him by former Shield brother Seth Rollins who infamously cashed in Money In The Bank. Despite some teaser matches, a score was never really settled.

On paper WrestleMania is the only event where two mammoths can collide. Now that Reign’s short lived Shield reunion is now over. The World title match against Brock is the next best option. This is all well if Brock Lesnar is able to outlast the Royal Rumble match. In which case a dream crushing of Roman Reigns against Braun Strowman is the next best thing.

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Shinsuke Nakamura

SmackDown live has a secret weapon, a man who screams megastar, the Japanese enigma, Shinsuke Nakamura. Believe it or not, he has been on SmackDown Live for almost 9 months and despite a feud with Jinder Mahal. Has yet to reach the top of the blue mountain. However why rush when, WrestleMania is a sensible end goal and a possible rematch from WrestleKingdom 10 on American soil makes the wait even more tempting.

Shinsuke Nakamura winning the Royal Rumble will open the wrestling box office dream main event card. Nakamura vs AJ Styles is the dream match every wrestling fan has been waiting for. WrestleMania will showcase no doubt one of the greatest wrestling encounters in WWE history. WWE need (yes this is a selfish want) to make this happen and easily a retaliation shot back for NJPW bringing Jericho and Omega together. Of course if AJ Styles isn’t desired, Nakamura switching to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship would also be a sweet touch to wrestling history…

Dolph Ziggler

From a story perspective Dolph Ziggler walked away from WWE as United States champion. However this has been boiled up from years of pent up frustration of being the Shawn Michaels wannabe but never just got given a chance. Dolph easily deserves that big moment, other than his Money In The Bank cash in. If WWE are going to milk his return the Royal Rumble makes sense. Keep him away from the United States title, it makes no sense for him to return to that picture if he walked away from it. Dolph Ziggler turns up unannounced, why not attack Kalisto to steal his spot. Dolph walks out as a free agent and winner of the 2018 Royal Rumble. He could then be free to challenge either brands champion. Of course logic would lean him towards AJ Styles, where another dream Mania match could happen.

Samoa Joe

Several factors help win a Royal Rumble; luck of the draw and strength. Joe is definition of the later. Since Samoa Joe burst onto the scene a year ago he has been unstoppable. His matches with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar have revitalised Joe’s career. Given his age, WWE need to act on his pure aggression and talent and give him another shot at the WWE title. Once again a bit of a dark horse from your standard Royal Rumble winners, however Joe could easily have a rematch against Brock Lesnar or swoop into the Smackdown Live picture with AJ Styles. Would you bet against him?

Do you agree with our picks? Or is there someone else you think can win the 2018 Royal Rumble match.

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