Latest on The Miz WWE Return

The Miz

Latest on The Miz WWE Return

As reported by, The Miz WWE Return is expected to take place shortly. It will actually occur next week on WWE RAW, as the Countdown to the 25th Anniversary of RAW Continues. Upon his return, he is expected to enter the run for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. A title which is currently held by Roman Reigns. And lets face it, The Miz versus Roman Reigns on a big level is not something we have seen. Only his championship loss in November is an example of this. He has recently being absent from WWE TV due to his filming commitments for the Marine 6. He recently took to Twitter concerning his forthcoming return:


It is likely upon his return his participation in the Royal Rumble will be declared. It is highly unlikely a victory in the Royal Rumble. The reason. It could be viewed that he isn’t viewed as a mainstream star who will draw in millions. But then how many WWE Intercontinental Championship reigns one man can have. He currently is resting on 7 reigns. It is not the most, but not the least.

The more championship reigns he has, the less effective it becomes. There is obviously not long-term booking strategy for The Miz. He would have benefited massively with a strong year in 2017. But it was actually pretty mediocre. There is the hope that 2018 will start off strongly for The Miz. But then there is reality. Hopefully this can be proved wrong.

What do you think of The Miz WWE Return Next Week? We’d love to know!

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