WWE News: Who Was Tasked To Keep Brock Lesnar Back In 2004

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Never say never in the wrestling world. Current WWE Universal Champion, former WWE and UFC Champion Brock Lesnar is a shiny example of the phrase. Thrusted into main event stardom in 2002 in hope to replace The Rock and Stone Cold; Brock Lesnar 18 months on top left him burnt out. In early 2004, Brock Lesnar had fallen out of love with professional wrestler and wanted to move onto other things. WWE in a panic tried to persuade Brock into staying, citing long travelling schedules being a key reason to wanting to leave.

A mega main event match was set for WrestleMania XX, between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. Sadly both parties were set to leave following the match. As many fans remember the match had to be carefully drafted with Stone COld Steve Austin preventing a huge cluster muck of a match. With the entire Madison Square Gardens jeering knowing both men”s decision to leave.

Brock failed to launch himself into NFL stardom, and was locked into submission into a move back into professional wrestling. Thus UFC came calling where Brock to this day is the only WWE and UFC champion. True credit to the beast Lesnar is. 2012, saw Lesnar shockingly return to WWE as a mega monster star.

On a recent edition of Bruce Prichard’s “Something To Wrestle With” podcastthe main topic was Paul Heymans WWE career. One of the discussions was Paul Heymans involvement in persuading Brock Lesnar to stay with the company following WrestleMania XX.

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Here’s an excerpt from that particular portion of the podcast: (transcript by WrestlingNewsCo)

Prichard: “We all tried to get Brock to stay and Paul was in Brock’s ear whispering and constantly trying to get Brock to reconsider and stay in professional wrestling. But there was a point where there was no more talking to Brock. Brock had made up his mind; he wanted to play football and didn’t want to be a wrestler anymore, didn’t wanna travel and he was just done. So that’s one time I’ll give Paul credit for knowing when to tap out, cause Brock probably would have beaten him.”

No doubt, due to the heavy push of Brock Lesnar, the Beast was burnt out. Frustrated with his role in the company he wanted out. Credit to Paul Heyman, who lets face it gets Brock Lesnar like nonother played a vitol role. On reflection it’s still very interesting on crucial Paul Heyman has been in talent relations over the years.

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