WWE News: Kurt Angles Big Reveal; Can Jason Jordan Capitalise?

Following Monday Night Raw, we all know that Kurt Angle had a fair amount of fun whilst at college. So much so that one of his former relationships ended up with a child he had no idea existed. That child was none other than Jason Jordan. 

Credit where it is due; WWE finally gave the WWE Universe a reason to tune into Monday Night Raw. For almost 2 months, text messages have been exchanged between WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle and Corey Graves. Whilst the subject of conversation was brushed away; the slow build of intrigue into what is happening was fantastic. The only clue was given last week when Kurt Angle revealed that this could massively affect his family and that he loved the person on the phone.

The reveal of Jason Jordan being Kurt Angles “lost” son is a smart move. Jordan has a very similar pedigree and background of the 1996 Olympic gold medalist. American Alpha had gotten lost following a quick burst of momentum that went nowhere and a forgettable tag team title run on the start of 2017. Both members haven’t really done anything for a long period of time. Jason has great potential to become a singles star and similarities to Shelton Benjamin (who was part of Team Angle in 2003).

Lest us not forget; WWE had played out an illegitimate son storyline before. Mr Kennedy was due for a major push as Mr McMahon’s son back in 2007 only for the plug to be pulled at last minute. With the story played out massively Hornswoggle was drafted in as a ridiculous reveal in the end.  A huge U-turn eventually happened following a complete failure of the story.

Jason Jordan Insider Reaction

On the opening segment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on the situation saying this is WWE’s chance to push Jordan but they have created a difficult situation to manage.

“It may help Jordan – it may hurt him. I’m gonna guess he was going nowhere… if he was going nowhere he has to be pushed. And if he doesn’t succeed on his push, he is gonna be one of those guys like Drew Galloway… given the big push and didn’t succeed… Whereas if he was gradually pushed – Let’s put it this way it wouldn’t be like he’s a failure it’s a slow build thing. But now it’s like he’s gonna have to be pushed. Or he will soon be regarded as a failure”

Sadly unless they slowly move things and keep him relevant for the next 6 months and keep it a long term build. Jason Jordan could end up like another Galloway or Cody Rhodes. It’s a tough situation but like the Jinder Mahal story you make your own success with the opportunities you get given. Of course, WWE can alway play the ace card by having Jason Jordan getting given opportunities only to reveal that he faked the DNA test all along.

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