UK Results: Kamikaze Pro Fallout – 16th July 2017

This past Sunday, Birmingham based promotion Kamikaze Pro took over the Cadbury Club in Bourneville with a stellar show. With big names like Joel Redman (NXTs Oliver Grey), Jigsaw, Rockstar Spud, Big Grizzly and Clint Mageria attending the show promised to be good.

As a fan this is my fifth Kamikaze Pro show. As a promotion Kamikaze Pro never disappoint; basing their show on a more family friendly environment. Whilst always providing something to the hard-core fan. Fallout this Sunday provided just that.

The show kicked off with an entertaining opening tag team action where a Bo Dallas lookalike received plenty of fan abuse. Star Talent picked up the win following several hard hits. Both teams set a good pace to open the show. Sadly the women’s match failed to capture the imagination despite Kat Von Kaige’s best efforts. Lady Catherine Darcy’s recent change in character to a posh snob does work very well.

Former WWE NXT star Joel Redman showcased a solid wrestling match with upcomer Adam Maxted. To this day I always feel WWE lost out on a well rounded midcarder by releasing him.

Spud 2002

The match of the night was easily Spud vs El Ligerio. For those in the dark, Spud is playing a gimmick where he thinks he is in training and stuck in 2002. His Twitter is absolute gold in particular referencing topical rumour of 15 years ago. In his third match Spud proudly acted as ring boy ensure the ring safety. Much to the crowds joy who chanted “Thank you ringboy”.

In one of the most entertaining matches that saw Spud try to replicate El Ligerios Lucha athleticism; Spud proudly used his 50 move arsenal to great effect and upset a rather disgruntled El Legrio.

Post mid way break we saw Swindon’s Kay Cutler defeat Robbie X in a very entertaining match. Robbie X is a fantastic heel and so easy to generate heat. If you think Brock Lesnar goes purple you should watch a Robbie X match.

In our first title match, The Badman Marshall X challenged the smiling Gabriel Kidd for the Relentless Division Championship. Marshall X secured a 3 count however referee Joel Allen spotted that Kidd had his feet under the ropes. Forcing a restart and allowing Gabriel to retain his title.

In the shows main event Clint Mageria defend his Kamikaze Pro title against New York’s Jigsaw in a No DQ match. A rather unhappy Big Grizzly came to the ring and made it a three way. All three brawled all over the Cadbury Club event Big Grizzly took a nap on the chairs nests to us. Clint threw Jigsaw through a table to retain the title.

Overall Show Thoughts

Overall a thorough entertaining show which provided good fun throughout. Kamikaze Pro once again showcase that they are a breeding ground for upcoming stars in the Birmingham area.

One main talking point from the show was a noshow by Ryan Smile who was schedule to face Rockstar Spud. On twitter Ryan Smile informed fans he has ended his 4 year relationship with Kamizake Pro. Management provided the following statement. No doubt this will be addressed soon.

We apologize about Ryan Smiles failure to attend the show, we will address that situation in more detail in due course. 

Full results

Star Talent (c) (Chris Tyler/Jack Starz) defeated Already Famous (Scott Gibson/Toby Clements)

Fighting Females Division

Lady Katherine Darcy defeated Kat Von Kaige

Joel Redman defeated Adam Maxted

Spud defeated El Ligero

Kay Jutler defeated Robbie X

Relentless Division Title

Gabriel Kidd (c) defeated Marshall X

This match had to be restarted due to Marshall getting a pinfall but Kidd’s foot was on the rope so his title celebration was short lived as the match restarted.

Kamikaze Pro Championship – No Disqualification Match

Clint Margera (c) defeated Jigsaw & Big Grizzly

Kamikaze Pro’s next show will take place on Saturday 26th August at the Collingwood Centre in Great Barr Birmingham.

You can follow Kamikaze Pro on Facebook.

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