Chris Benoit Accidentially Mentioned On US TV

Chris Benoit Mentioned on TV

April 18th 2017 could very much be a day where historians look back and think; in the words of Faarooq… “Damm”. President Trump is on the verge of nuclear attack from North Korea.  Whilst the British  government is in turmoil as an rash election is called. In the mix of all this madness history has been made. For the first  time some 2007 Chris Benoit has been mentioned in a positive light.

The Ravid Wolverine was accidentally mentioned on US TV Ellen indirectly. In an annual segment of the show; host Ellen played  a game with the audience to guess name is a wrestler or a band. playing at Cochella. Blissfully unaware Ellen’s first choice was the Pegasus Kidd. Who in fact is a wrestler; albeit not famous. However the artist formerly known as said Kidd made quite an impact in WCW and WWE as Chris Benoit.

For those living the heavily censored WWE Universe may not be aware of wrestling’s version of Voldemort.  Chris Benoit tragically ended his son and wife’s life’s before taking his own. Ever since then his name has never been mentioned other for negative media. Unknown to Ellen, she has unleashed a spell that only Harry Potter can resolve.

Pegasus Kidd (Chris Benoit) on TV

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