CM Punk Surprises AJ Lee At A Book Signing

AJ Lee Book Signing Gets A Surprise

Who says love is dead? Well the greatest of all time (author opinion), CM Punk took a step out of every cliche rom-com movie and surprised his wife AJ Lee. The former WWE Diva Champion has recently released her book “Crazy Is My Superpower”. At a book signing her husband CM Punk jumped the queue and ran to her wife with four of her books. The moment was captured beautifully on twitter.

AJ Lee later took to Instagram to talk about the crazy fan who jumped the queue with four books…

“During my signing today I overheard a guy start asking everyone if he could cut them in line without really waiting for their approval. “He must REALLY like me” I thought as I readied my hand around the pepper spray I keep holstered to my hip. As he rushed to the front of the line I noticed he bought four books. So naturally I married him. Thanks @CMPunk for being my biggest fan/supporter/sexy roommate for life. And thank you @XChadballX and @AnthonyAmor for being our officiant and witness respectively. – AJ.”

Love is alive and kicking.

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