WWE Superstar Shakeup Results

superstar shakeup results

WWE Superstar Shakeup Results

Following the events of RAW and SmackDown Live this week, the WWE Superstar Shakeup Results have become clear. There were 10 swaps between each show, including duos or tag teams. The below table is showing the complete WWE Superstar Shakeup Results…

RAW to SmackDown Live SmackDown Live to RAW
1 Kevin Owens The Miz
2 Charlotte Flair Maryse
3 The New Day Dean Ambrose
4 Rusev Bray Wyatt
5 Lana Alexa Bliss
6 Sami Zayn Mickie James
7 The Shining Stars Apollow Crews
8 Sin Cara Kalisto
9 Jinder Mahal Heath Slater & Rhyno
10 Tamina Curt Hawkins

RAW to SmackDown Live Opinion

Out of the 10 swaps to the Blue Brand, there is only four of significant note. Kevin Owens has brought the WWE United States Championship to SmackDown Live. But whether he remains on the brand remains to be seen, as he still has to defend the title at Payback against Chris Jericho. But Kevin does have potential on the SmackDown Live brand to be a genuine player. His reign as WWE Universal Champion wasn’t particularly memorable but this could soon change with the WWE Championship. 

The introduction of The New Day to SmackDown Live provides some genuine interest in the SmackDown Live tag team division. It was the injection the division needed, because The New Day couldn’t go much further on RAW. Their presence will help build up and establish the SmackDown Live tag team division. The move of Sami Zayn to SmackDown Live is very much overdue since July last year. He has the potential to have cracking matches and a genuine run as a decent player on SmackDown Live. Unfortunately, the presence of Charlotte Flair presents mixed feelings. The division on RAW was built around her, and was eventually exhausted. Hopefully, they won’t do the same thing on SmackDown Live where the Women’s Division has being great.

Rusev and Lana, could be great but that all depends on how he is handled when he returns from injury. The remainder are very much washout swaps, because there is very little or nothing that can be achieved from this. Jinder Mahal has potential, if they capitalize on his rivalry with Rob Gronkowski.

SmackDown Live to RAW Opinion

Out of the 10 swaps to the RAW Brand, there are five of significant note – but two of which present genuine concern. The move of The Miz and Maryse is extremely brave, but it leaves the question of why? They were clearly thriving on SmackDown Live with their brash and bold attitude, including their on-off rivalry with SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately, the feeling is they will quickly become lost in the shuffle on RAW and not be genuine players. The next clear step on SmackDown Live would have being a WWE Championship match. 

Another one is the move of Bray Wyatt, because he was another which was thriving on the SmackDown Live roster and had become a genuine main event star. This was allowed through gaps in the roster, whereas his presence on RAW isn’t needed as much and he will soon become lost. The move of Dean Ambrose was an interesting one, which became painfully obvious with the move of Kevin Owens. He will be okay on RAW as long it doesn’t lead to an eventual reunion of The Shield. 

The moves of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are also interesting. Alexa has quickly risen in the SmackDown Live division, and is another one which could become lost because her versus Nia Jax could not be taken seriously. Mickie James on the other hand, it quickly became clear she wasn’t going to get far on SmackDown Live. Hopefully, there is more promise on RAW for her. 

Unfortunately, the remainder of the options are very much washouts. There is very little which can be achieved in these swaps. Look at how Curt Hawkins debuted on RAW, need more be said!

What do you think of the WWE Superstar Shakeup Results?

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