Even more on The Hardy Boyz Status

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Even more on The Hardy Boyz Status

With WrestleMania 33 hours away, one thing remains a clear question – what is the current Hardy Boyz status with the WWE? In recent days, various media outlets have reported that The Hardy Boyz were potentially due to return to the WWE. This would take place in the RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder match. This would ultimately provide a significant surprise for the WWE Universe at WrestleMania. 

However, Brother Nero himself (aka Jeff Hardy) later dismissed the rumours and stated they were committed to ROH: Ring of Honor. This tenatively settled the storm until the events of ROH Supercard of Honor XI.

On this event in Lakeland, Florida it saw The Young Bucks comprising of Matt and Nick Jackson defeat The Hardy Boyz in a Ladder match to reclaim the ROH Tag Team Championship. After the match, it appeared as if The Hardy Boyz were then saying goodbye to ROH. Here are the highlights of what they said…

  1. Matt Hardy praised The Young Bucks as the best tag team they’d ever faced.
  2. They weren’t sure how long The Hardy Boyz could continue performing in these types of match.
  3. They were leaving the future of tag team wrestling to The Young Bucks before shaking their hands.
  4. Jeff Hardy then got on the microphone outlining they had one thing left to do and sang they will “fade away and classify ourselves as onsolete”.

This is certainly interesting that despite Jeff proclaiming allegiance with ROH. This will only full rumors of them returning to the WWE. An interesting note on this, there is only 54 miles (87 kilometers) between Lakeland and Orlando. This is a perfectly feasible travelling distance for them to make an appearance…

Image Credit: WrestlingNewsSource.com

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