When Is Paige Expected To Return? Huge April Fools Joke


Latest on Paige Status

Recently, it is fair to say that WWE competitor Paige has had a bit of a rough time of it. A recent internet leak caused a media storm for her and others involved. She has remained relatively quite on the situation, aside from a statement on it all. However, on April 1 2017, she caused even more controversy when she revealed that two were to become three. This indicated that Paige and Alberto Del Rio were due to expect their first child together. This later turned out to be a typical April Fools prank. But, the Paige status within the WWE remains unclear. There has being no indication to say they have addressed this matter. 

Whilst her future in the WWE remains uncertain, she has revealed that she and Alberto Del Rio are due to get married at some point this week when she took to her Instagram account to declare her love for Del Rio (or El Patron as he is now known).


Neither person has of yet made it clear when they plan to get married, if they haven’t already done so. After everything that has happened in the past few weeks, Paige deserves some normality and happiness in her life. From all of here at WDD, we would like to wish Paige and El Patron the very best in married life. We look forward to seeing where there respective careers go next.

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