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We recently reported that Gold Ol’ JR was tentatively poised to make a return to the WWE at WrestleMania. The objective was to call one match on the event, specifically The Undertaker versus Roman Reigns. But nothing was certain. As with the WWE, it is always a case of believe it when you see it. Recently, when appearing at WrestleCon, the subject of a JR WWE Return was addressed by the man himself. Here are the highlights…

– On the reports of him calling a match at WrestleMania 33, JR outlined…

“Nothing final, never say never. I am a broadcaster…and I look for gigs. So if WWE wants to use me Sunday night, I’m available.”

– On the buildup to WrestleMania 33, JR outlined…

“I think it’s really an outstanding card, because it’s got something for everybody. Anytime you have a card that expansive, you can’t have a great, captivating story line for each match. It’s impossible to devote the time. So I think they’ve done a nice job of the things, like Goldberg – Lesnar…the Triple H Seth Rollins story has been told for a long time. Jericho and Owens has been good, so I think by and large I’m very positive about it.”

– On the failure of previous TNA Management, JR outlined…

“Well I’m sure there are a lot of reasons. But primarily, you’ve got to start at the top. So if you’re not having the success you desire, you kinda look at the top of the food chart, and you start there. So I would say the upper management made some less than desirable decisions, and I think that came in largely in trusting people that they thought knew more about the business than they did. If you’re going to invest millions of dollars and you don’t have product knowledge, you might not be a very good business person.”

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