WrestleMania 33 Debuting Stars

wrestlemania 33 debut

WrestleMania 33 Debuts

Every wrestlers dream is to compete at WrestleMania. To do so is an honour a select few can claim. WrestleMania 33 will showcase, legends, old men, upcoming main eventers and some new stars to the WrestleMania legacy. Today we analyse which wrestlers will be making their WrestleMania 33 debuts.

Raw Women’s Championship Match

Last year at WrestleMania 32, three women broke new ground at the grandest stage of them all. This year, those three women are competing in huge women’s matches. On the Raw side of things, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Nia Jaxs will be challenging Bayley for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. Nia Jaxs and Bayley both made their main roster debuts during the middle of 2016 and thus making their WrestleMania debut. Given the uniqueness of Bayley’s entrance we shall see how many wacky inflatable tube men, WWE can cram on the huge WrestleMania stage. Nia Jaxs, joined the title match a few short weeks ago and will also make her WrestleMania debut.

Smackdown Womens Championship Match

Breaking more ground, the women’s division of Smackdown has been incredible since its debut in July. A large full roster match for the Women’s title is scheduled. The defending champion Alexa Bliss made her main roster debut following the WWE draft; whilst Carmella joined her as one of the Smackdown picks. However this match has been moved to the WrestleMania preshow.

Raw Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Interestingly the match with the most number of WrestleMania debuts is in the triple threat ladder match. Only the defending Raw Tag Team Champions have competed at the Grandest Stage of them all. For the challengers Enzo Amore and Cass debuted on the WWE main roster on the Raw following Wrestlemania 32.

Luke Gallows has competed at WrestleMania (24 & 26 respectively), however both of these matches were on the preshow in Battle Royals. Gallows made his return to the company alongside tag partner Karl Anderson in April 2016. Both men will make their official WrestleMania debuts in the ladder match (as long as it isn’t bumped to the pre show).

Crusierweight Championship

The man that gravity forgot made his main roster debut shortly after WrestleMania 31. Injury however prevented him from competing at WrestleMania 32. This year he will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against TNA legend Austin Aries. Austin joined WWE during 2016, competing on NXT until a severe eye injury halted any progress. Aries moved to the 205 Live announce booth and returned to action on the main roster. Both men will be competing at WrestleMania for the first time this year. However this match is scheduled to take part on the pre-show.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

One match that is expected to have a large number of debuting stars is the Andre The Giant Battle Royale. One name, so far announced is debuting at WrestleMania. One half of the Hype-bros Mojo Rawley. Sadly due to recent announcement and let’s face it bumper card, this match has been relegated to the WrestleMania Preshow. So Mojo will have to wait another year for an “official” WrestleMania appearance.

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