WWE RAW 27/03/17 Five Predictions

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WWE RAW 27/03/17 Five Predictions

With less than a week until WrestleMania 33 comes from the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The matches and layout of the show are pretty much set in stone. But in order to achieve the maximum potential from each of the matches (basically the highest payoff), there are several key things which need to happen on WWE RAW tonight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here is the WWE RAW 27/03/17 Five Predictions…

1. Goldberg and Brock

Brock Lesnar has being semi-regular on RAW since Fastlane, whereas Goldberg hasn’t been seen since 6th March. With both men under the same roof, the simplest and most effective way to go into WrestleMania – not to lay a hand on one another. That way, it would be an even keel.

2. Bayley

If there is the slightest opportunity Bayley will win at WrestleMania, then this week on RAW they need to continue making her look like a complete underdog. If they make her look strong, then a win at WrestleMania will look even more unconvincing. 

3. The Undertaker and Roman

It has being very hard to establish what they plan to achieve with Roman Reigns and The Undertaker. Roman Reigns has gained very little momentum in this feud thus far. Simplest way to achieve something – have him completely tear apart The Undertaker. 

4. The New Day

The New Day weren’t on RAW last week, and this Sunday they are suppose to be the Hosts of WrestleMania. It is of vital importance that they appear and lay the foundation for what they’ve got planned. If they don’t appear, then having them at WrestleMania will be a wasted opportunity.

5. The GM

Whilst the most obvious and predictable option will be for Stephanie McMahon to declare the GM slot open. A far more effective and shocking solution would be for her to name the new GM. This way, it allows last minute momentum and shocks to be added to the WrestleMania card. 

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