Latest on Kurt Angle Wrestling in WWE

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Latest on Kurt Angle Wrestling in WWE

Will we ever see Kurt Angle wrestling in WWE again? Kurt Angle was one of the most acclaimed competitors in the history of the WWE. He remained on the top of his game until his sudden and abrupt departure in 2006. But in January 2017 that changed. It was revealed that Kurt Angle would be the headline induction at the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2017. This has lead to much increased speculation over what role Kurt Angle would have within the company.

There is always a role as a competitor (albeit not on a full-time basis) or an ambassador role (similar to Kurt Angle). Kurt has being very outspoken on how much he wants to step into the ring once again. Ultimately, the decision doesn’t fall within his remit. The man behind bringing Kurt back, Triple H has spoken out on the issue. Here is what Triple H had to say to ESPN on Kurt Angle wrestling in WWE once again…

“Yeah, but I think that we were very clear with Kurt, I’ve been very clear with Kurt in every conversation on this topic, it’s a proving ground, right? So he did a lot of great things and there’s a lot of time under the table, a lot of baggage, all those things. It just comes back down to, “let’s get together—let’s see how it goes. If it goes well for you and it goes well for us, and everything is great, then, we see where it goes from there. We’re not going to say, “never.” Kurt would have to go through a lot of physical requirements to be able to be allowed to return to the ring. And I know that angers fans, but that’s us looking after the well-being of talent in general whether they like that or dislike that. That’s the facts.”

The opportunity is there as it seems, but it is now a case of Kurt proving himself once again. After 11 years away, that is understandable. Kurt Angle wrestling in WWE could be a very distinct possibility in the very near future.

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