Jack Swagger released by WWE

jack swagger

Jack Swagger released by WWE

In what is not a very surprising move, it has being confirmed by Bleacher Report that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger has being officially released by the WWE. It had being reported by PWInsider earlier this month that Swagger had requested his release. There was no further confirmation at the time regarding this. However, it has today being that his release has being granted. Since he was drafted to the SmackDown Live brand, after his deal with the RAW Brand expired. Swagger has done very little within the company since. He was last seen in October last year. His last PPV was No Mercy when he was defeated by Baron Corbin. 

Whilst this release isn’t a surprise in the slightest, it should be noted that the surprise really is it didn’t come much earlier. Considering how little he has done in the past couple of years, it would be a surprise to say he was a former World Heavyweight Champion. He had a brief resurgence as part of “The Real Americans” alongside Cesaro, but that quickly ended. He quickly became the jobber to the stars thereafter.

Swagger made his WWE Debut back in 2008 on their then ECW Brand. He quickly rose amongst the ranks, and became the ECW Champion. He went onto become the World Heavyweight Champion on March 30 2010. Swagger would go onto remain the champion until Money in the Bank 2010. After this, he would have a reign as WWE United States Champion. But nothing else of note. He was a very solid talent with the WWE, and was not used correctly from the start. Now he is outside the world of WWE, hopefully he can achieved his potential. From all of us here at WDD, we would like to wish him the best for his future career paths.

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