Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan; Why It Never Happened?

stone cold vs hulk hogan

Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan; Why It Never Happened?

When Hulk Hogan made his comeback to the WWE back in 2002, there was quickly much speculation over to who he would step into the ring with. Despite speculation that a Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan was on the cards, it never came to fruition. Ultimately at WrestleMania X8, it turned into Stone Cold vs Scott Hall and the legendary contest with Hulk Hogan vs The Rock. Stone Cold later retired from the squared circle at WrestleMania XIX, with a match seeing Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan never a possibility again. Hulk Hogan would later challenge Stone Cold to a match on WWE RAW Homecoming in October 2005, but again nothing came to fruition.

In a recent podcast, former WWE Creative Team Member Bruce Prichard has revealed that there were firm plans to have a Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan match. Ultimately, Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan was thought to be the bigger match than The Rock vs Hulk Hogan. The plan was ultimately to build towards the match, as outlined by Prichard…

“Well, I can tell you from my vantage point and my discussions were, where are we going to go because the match was Austin and Hulk or Rock and Hulk. I think everyone agreed that Austin and Hulk were the bigger match that we had to get to, so the feeling was, why not give it to them first, let’s build it some more.

This is probably one of the biggest matches we have not seen in the WWE, and now are likely to never see. It is nigh on impossible that this match will take place. Hogan is 62 with a history of back problems and currently blacklisted by the WWE. Austin, is 52 with a history of neck problems and no interest in returning to the ring. Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan will always go down as one of those missed opportunities.

What do you think about Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan never happening? We’d love to know what you think!

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