OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Review

royal rumble 2014 review

OSR: WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Review

Back at the beginning of 2014, the WWE was on the Countdown to WrestleMania 30 from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two titles were one with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with Randy Orton as the champion. And unbeknownst at the time, this would mark the final appearance of CM Punk with the WWE. And, again unbeknownst there was a star in the making in Daniel Bryan. This should be an interesting trip down memory lane with the WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Review…

The opening promo looks at the opportunity which can be generated by the Royal Rumble match. Various different superstars are shown throughout the montage, with various Rumble moments throughout the years. But it also looks at the continuing rivalry between Randy Orton and John Cena over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This is pretty much a standard promo for the Royal Rumble, but it doesn’t show us anything we don’t already know. We go inside the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with our commentary team Michael Cole, JBL and The King. We then go to the ring for the first match of the evening. 

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt (w/ Erick Rowan and Luke Harper)

Both men make their way to the ring, with Daniel receiving a tremendous reaction. A video clip is shown, which highlights the efforts gone by Daniel to get in Bray’s head which have ultimately lead to this match.

Bray initially has the control over Daniel. Bray soon sends Erick and Luke away, allowing Daniel to regain the momentum. Daniel uses a variety of moves, in conjunction with his speed to maintain the momentum.

Bray continues the dominance, focusing his attack on various points of Daniel’s body. Daniel does have some brief momentum. Bray picks up the win following two Sister Abigail’s – one into the barricade. This, was an incredible opening match. Absolutely brilliant.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Match Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars

2. Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. The Big Show

Both men make their way to the ring, with the video clips shown highlighting the advantages Show has had over Lesnar. The match quickly gets underway with Lesnar beating Show to the floor before taking him apart with a steel chair.

Eventually, the match begins after Show is back to his feet who immediately nails Lesnar with a KO Punch. Ultimately though, Brock is able to nail Show with an F5 (which looks more like an FU) to pick up the win. Brock looked dominate and over in an surprisingly entertaining match.

After the bell, Lesnar continues the decimation of The Big Show with multiple steel chairs. Show takes the beating, but in a very unconvincing way…he literally just rolls about holding his arm at various points.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Match Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 Stars

3. WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

The history package looks back to the events of TLC 2013 where the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships are unified. It then looks at the subsequent weeks when John Cena is granted a rematch, plus Randy’s dramas with The Authority.

Both men make their way to the ring, with Lilian Garcia then making the formal introductions to the match. The match gets underway with Orton quickly getting the control, as those in attendance start chanting various random things including Randy Savage and Y2J.

Cena does regain some momentum, though the use of a variety of moves. Orton regains the momentum, following his signature DDT to the floor. Soon enough though, Cena goes for his signature FU before the referee inadvertently gets knocked down.

As it looks like Cena is going to be victorious, The Wyatt Family appear to cause a distraction. This allows Orton to nail an RKO Out of Nowhere to pick up the win. This was a good, solid match, but nothing overly interesting or memorable. Afterwards, The Wyatt’s decimate Cena.

Winner: Randy Orton, to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

At this point, various different superstars who will be entered into the Royal Rumble are showcased. Each are given a few moments to discuss what they will do and achieve in the match. Only notable superstars are showcased, in what was a slightly uncomfortable and forced segment. 

4. The 2014 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

There is no video package shown for the match, just the Royal Rumble panel making their predictions for the match. Our first entrant is CM Punk and the second is Seth Rollins. As the entrants continue, Kane soon makes his entrance but is quickly eliminated by CM Punk.

The annual spot with Kofi Kingston comes from Rusev’s elimination. It sees him leap from the ringside barricade to the ring, ultimately avoiding elimination. By the time Dolph Ziggler enters at Number 12, there are now 9 participants in the match.

Entering at Number 14, Kevin Nash makes a surprise return to the WWE and quickly eliminates Jack Swagger before going back and forth with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. He doesn’t last long though, as he is soon enough eliminated by the Number 15 entrant, Roman Reigns.

Soon enough, it is down to an all-Shield rumble, before they are joined by Sheamus making his return at Number 18 and quickly go after one another. Later, an amusing spot sees Cesaro perform the Big Swing on Seth Rollins about 25 times – got lost with dizziness.

Another surprise entrant comes at Number 24, when JBL exits the commentary booth to join the match. As he goes to hand Michael Cole his jacket, he is quickly eliminated by Roman Reigns.

Entering at Number 28, Batista makes his way to the ring. He initially receives a cracking ovation, before his dominance begins and the rebellion from those in attendance begins. The final entrant, at Number 30 is Rey Mysterio.

The final four in the match are CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Batista and Sheamus. CM Punk is the first eliminated, as he is taken out by a reappearing Kane who decimates him at ringside before chokeslamming him through the announce table. Suppose it is fitting considering this was his last show.

The final two in the match is Roman Reigns and Batista. The pair exchange one another moves for a few moments, until Batista propels Reigns from the ring to a chorus of boos in a very underwhelming match.

Winner: Batista, lasting eliminating

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

The Royal Rumble 2014 review was certainly an interesting one to watch. This show featured a very strong under card, which kept you attached to the show. The opening match between Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt was absolutely incredible to watch. They went through so many different approaches that it kept you intrigued with a truly cracking finish. It would have scored that extra 0.5 Star had it being 10 minutes longer, then the match would have being simply stunning. The next match between Brock Lesnar and The Big Show was surprisingly convincing. The brutality of the match made it work and made Brock look like a complete monster. The only downside with it was Big Show was slightly unconvincing in selling the beat down. He just rolled about and held various points of his body. 

The match between Randy Orton and John Cena, was ultimately the same as everything else we have seen from them before. It almost felt like they were going through the same old routine with one another. They didn’t do anything to make it standout or be unique sadly. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very solid match but lacked the imagination to make it unique and after their TLC 2013 match – this would have always being a bit of an anti-climax. The Rumble match itself was ultimately average. There were no key spots which made it stick out in your memory. Granted, the surprises from Kevin Nash and JBL were pretty cool. But it was ultimately very lackluster. Yes, there were some strong performances from CM Punk and Seth Rollins who did very well. But there is nothing to make it standout in your memory.

Nonetheless, the under card on this event makes it worth watching. This made the Royal Rumble 2014 Review enjoyable to undertake and certainly comes with a recommendation to see it. Not to mention, the bittersweet feeling from CM Punk’s last hurrah…

What do you think of the WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Review? We’d love to know what you think!

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