Thoughts on AJ Styles WWE Debut, Shawn Michaels & More

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Thoughts on AJ Styles WWE Debut, Shawn Michaels & More

It is hard to be that AJ Styles WWE Debut was less than a year ago at the Royal Rumble. Nine months later, he became the WWE Champion at Backlash 2016 when he defeated Dean Ambrose. He has quickly rose throughout 2016 to become one of the most prominent WWE superstars. He has an ongoing feud with John Cena, with clear unfinished business. He is heavily rumored to be facing off against The Undertaker in early 2017. He is also heavily rumored to be going to the RAW Brand following WrestleMania 33. He has done well, very well. The list of who he has faced is endless, and likely to grow even more. But the man behind AJ Styles has recently spoken out in an edition of “Heated Conversation with Booker T“. In the interview, he spoke about his wrestling car here is some of the highlights…

  • When asked about joining the WWE Debut, Styles responded…

“Well, the fact that you said I earned it, means a lot. I don’t want anything given to me. I want to earn everything that I have gotten, that way they don’t say I didn’t have to work for it. Being here has certainly been a blessing. You know, all the stories you’ve heard in the past, well, either they weren’t true or this place as changed because every expectation that I have had has gone above and beyond. I mean, this company is an amazing place to work.”

  • When asked about becoming WWE Champion, Styles responded…

“Just like you said; I have been champion everywhere, but there is nothing even close as to being a WWE champion. It’s so world-wide, and everybody knows who WWE is. So many times I had a belt, or championship in other companies, and I was going through immigration, people would say, what did you do over there? My response would be that I was a wrestler. They would say, oh, you mean like the WWE? Every time, so now, I say that I am with WWE. That’s huge, and the one thing that you have to do–day in and day out is deliver, and that’s pressure to be able to do that, but I enjoy that kind of pressure. It keeps me active, and it keeps me young to be honest with you.”

  • When asked about a possible match with Shawn Michaels, Styles responded…

“It’s not up to me to have those dream matches, it’s up to the WWE Universe to have those dream matches. Whatever they want, I want to deliver; and whether or not Shawn wants to do something like that, that’s up to him. I totally respect who he is and what he has done for this business, so that is totally in his court.”

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