Royal Rumble 2017 Location Revealed!

Royal Rumble 2017 Location
The Alamodome is seen from the upper stands prior to the field painting for the 2013 Alamo Bowl featuring Oregon and Texas. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Royal Rumble 2017 Location Revealed!

On January 17 1997, the Stars of the WWE at the time hit San Antonio, Texas for the Royal Rumble 1997. In front of a packed crowd of 60,477 inside the Alamodome, the main event saw the continued birth of Stone Cold Steve Austin where he won his first Royal Rumble match. But the headlining attraction for the event was hometown boy Shawn Michaels defeating Sycho Sid for the WWE Championship. It has now being announced by the WWE, that 20 years later the stars of RAW and SmackDown will return to the Alamodome for the Royal Rumble 2017 Location. 

On January 29 2017, the 30th edition of the Royal Rumble event will come from inside the Alamodome. Marking 30 years of such a prestigious event is definitely important for the WWE, and taking it back to the place of its largest attendance is only befitting. But this also marks the first time in over 18 years a wrestling event has being held inside the venue. The last being WCW Monday Nitro on July 27 1998. But from a creative standpoint, the WWE need to be very creative and assertive in the months leading up to the event. 

Taking the Royal Rumble inside the Alamodome is certainly a very brave move, as within the space of just over two months they are hoping to fill two 65,000+ venues. They really need to establish a firm standing and balance going into the event to ensure that it sells out successfully. But for the thirtieth anniversary of the Rumble matchh, it would be a pretty nice niche to see the 40-Man Rumble make a comeback. The event itself, will need to have every inch of it booked down to a tee to maintain the interest going forward. Royal Rumble 2017 needs to be a WrestleMania size production to make it be the best Rumble in history!

With the Royal Rumble going to a stadium in January, the next logical step is to take SummerSlam inside a stadium sized venue. Sadly 2017 isn’t the time to do it as SummerSlam 2017 will once again be inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. But 2018 could potentially be the year to take it inside a stadium. There are endless stadiums which could fit the bill, but in all honesty Wembley Stadium fits the bill quite well…

What do you think about the WWE returning to the Alamodome for Royal Rumble 2017? We’d love to know what you think!

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