Roman Reigns speaks on possible Shield Reunion & More!

Roman Reigns speaks on possible Shield Reunion & More!

Since he made his WWE Debut 4-years-ago at Survivor Series 2012, it has certainly being a bumpy ride for “The Guy” Roman Reigns. A multi-time WWE World Champion in just under a year, marred with a suspension in the summer of 2016. He is now the reigning WWE United States Champion having defeated Rusev at Clash of Champions 2016. However, in amongst all of this, there is always the rumor of a Shield Reunion with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Roman recently sat down in an interview with Inquirer where he spoke about the potential of this happening…

  • When asked about a possible Shield Reunion, Reigns replied…

“I think those guys have a deep love and respect for what The Shield did for us and what it represents. For me, there are times I miss it, the six-man matches were having, the tag team matches, it seemed like were doing it every night with the new cast on the other side, but it’s really good every single time. For me, that’s a good place to learn and grow and push myself to be ready for the spot I’m in right now. As The Shield, we felt like we dominated the main event and we’re still doing that. We’re very proud of that. I would never say never. I think we’re all very happy with where we’re at. It’s going to take something drastic, something huge in the WWE to bring The Shield back. I think nothing’s impossible in the WWE. As we always say, stay tuned.”

  • When speaking about The Shield paving the way into the The New Era, Reigns said…

“It’s not talked about too often because of NXT and how big that product became and just the wave of new talent from NXT. It really shined through. But something a lot of people missed was The Shield is actually kind of the beginning of the new era. We kind of paved the road and took the bumps and made this process a lot smoother for those guys as well.”

  • When asked about learning from Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Reigns replied…

“I absolutely learned a lot from them. A smart man, a good competitor, and a great performer is going to continue to learn because if you know everything, you better retire. I think there’s a whole lot of stuff that I took from them, and anytime you’re around with people, influenced and bond with them, you’re going to build those characteristics and you’re going to learn from them.”

In all honesty, whilst a Shield reunion would be a fantastic thing. At the moment, it is far to early for it to be considered and taken seriously. There is much hostility between the participants having feuded on-and-off for nearly two years. A Shield reunion would be perfect against a stable who are wreaking havoc over the WWE. Now is not that time. They have much to accomplish as individual performers, and this is not without taking the factor of the Brand Split into consideration. 

What do you think about a potential Shield Reunion? Are you for or against it? We’d love to know what you think!

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