TNA Impact Wrestling Results 22/09 – Cody Rhodes Debuts


TNA Impact Wrestling Results 22/09

This weeks TNA Impact Wrestling Results 22/09, kicks off with the first semi-finals match in the Grand Championship match. For those who missed it, the match will compete in three rounds. Judges decide who wins each round similar to a boxing match.

Drew Galloway vs. Eddie Edwards in a Grand Championship tournament match

Round One: Galloway is the aggressor early on and dominates throughout
Drew Galloway wins the round by split decision

Round Two: Eddie takes control in the second round.
Eddie Edwards wins the round by split decision

Round Three: Even third round. Drew hits the Future Shock. He’s too worn off to cover and by the time he does the time expires.
Drew Galloway wins the round by split decision and advances in the tournament

 Jeremy Borash interviews Drew Galloway in the ring. He asks who he wants to face in the finals. Drew says that nothing has changed with him. He’s still the guy who stands up and does what he thinks his right. EC comes out, however Drew claims things always work out for EC3. Drew says EC3 won’t last three rounds with Galloway. Lashley’s music plays, however Bennett attacks EC3 leading to a double team on EC3. Moose comes to the ring however Bennett and Spear knocks Moose down.

Aron Rex vs Eli Drake

Round One: Aron dominates the opening round.  Rex wins via unanimous decision.
Round Two: Drake regains control in the second round. Eli wins via split decision from the judges.
Round Three: Rex wins via pinfall after hitting the Revelator.
Aron Rex will face Drew Galloway in the finals of the tournament at Bound For Glory.

Backstage Decay are talking however are stalked by Vanguard 1. Aron Rex then talks how he will breathe easy when he wins the tournament. Drew interrupts saying  it won’t be easy.

Cody debuts

A video with familiar voice says “You don’t know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes”. The camera shows a man wearing a suit. The man says, ” I learn more about me everyday”. As the man is walking, he continues by saying “with every mile”, “my past is just that and my story is being written one step at a time”. The man walks to his luxury car and says his future is decided by the “roads” that he takes. The man gets into his car and at this point, it is obvious that it is Cody Rhodes. As Cody prepares to drive away in the car, He says He “is bound for a new adventure and that where he is going. He is bound for gold and glory.” 

The camera pans to Cody’s face and he says his roads lead to…. Bound For Glory. Cody drives away and in big bold letters on a black screen it reads…. CODY ARRIVES…. BOUND FOR GLORY… 10-2-16.

Read more – Cody Rhodes Quits WWE

Decay and Hardys segment

The Decay came out to cut a promo about The Great War set for Bound For Glory against The Hardy’s. Matt Hardy interrupted telling Decay they exist in a broken universe and they must go to battle for their sins. Reby Hardy wants Rosemary in the ring next week.

Backstage Moose and EC3 talk about how Moose will be the cr@p out of Bennett at Bound for Glory.

DJ Z (c) vs. Trevor Lee (w/Andrew Everett) for the X Division title

After DJ Z gained some control, Everett tries to hold DJ Z’s leg to help Lee get the advantage. DJ Z was able to maintain control and wins with his DDT.
DJ Z def. Trevor Lee
Post match, Andrew Everett attacks Z. It becomes a two on one. Eddie Edwards runs down to make the save. Eddie Edwards grabs a mic and puts over DJ. He then asks for a title shot against DJ Z for next week. Z accepts.
TNA Knockouts Champion Maria def. a mystery female wrestler. This led to Maria defeating an unknown masked female wrestler.

Moose & EC3 vs. Bobby Lashley & Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett bails early, so both Moose and EC3 double team Lashley. With EC3 in the ring, Bennett goes for a punch, he accidentally Lashley. Moose is finally able to get the tag. He comes in hot against Bennett. Lashley runs in but Moose puts him down too. EC3 gets the tag. He clotheslines the champ over the rope and outside Moose hits Lashley with a forearm. Back in the ring, Miracle goes for the MIP on Carter but EC3 picks up the pin-fall via a roll up.
Moose & EC3 win
Post match, Moose pulls Bennett out of the ring and beats him to the back. Meanwhile, Carter and Lashley keep fighting and need to be pulled part. They take out the security and then continue going at it. The locker room is emptied trying to pull them apart.
Billy Corgan comes out to say that next week they will both captain a team for a Lethal Lockdown match next week and the winner gets to pick the stip for BFG.
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