OSR: WCW Clash Of Champions Review XXXV (1997)

Clash of Champions Review XXXV 1997

Clash Of Champions XXXV was the final Clash event. The show took place exactly a year after the nWo was born, with the New World Order promising a big party. A video montage showcasing tonight’s event is aired. Must admit the show looks great on paper already! The Clash opens up with a recap from Monday Night Nitro, JJ Dillion suggests to Sting that he has till tonight to make a decision. Indicating a match between Sting and Hulk Hogan. Surely

United States Championship – Jeff Jarrett (c) vs Steve McMichael

Showman ship kicks off our opening contest; Jarrett picks up McMichael is a body slam to stop the short offence. We Quickly go to a break, Jerrett is throwing McMichael around the ring. Even head first into the ring steps. Debra gets her hands on McMichael allowing Jeff to take advantage. Once again Debra gets on the ring apron distracting the referee allowing Eddy Guererro to come ringside. Eddy flies off the top rope hitting Jarrett with a double axel. McMichael takes advantage pinning Jerrett for the victory and become the new United States champion.

Winner: Steve McMichael

Mean Gene introduces Alex Wright who tells Alex to speak English not German. Alex completely ignores this which annoys Mean Gene who cuts the interview quickly. Alex was trying to hype his match Ultimo Dragon.

Stevie Richards vs Raven

It’s nice to see the two ECW wrestlers showcase their stuff in WCW. Apparently Raven hasn’t signed a WCW contract. Raven says if he has to wrestle it will be under his terms. Making the match no disqualification. Raven starts off in control beating down Stevie. Raven knocks Stevie to the mat and hit two diving elbows from the ring. A chair is introduced; a drop toe hold by Raven sees Stevie head see flesh. Followed by a bulldog onto the chair. Stevie still hasn’t hit a move. Wait Stevie reverses an Irish Whip sending Raven into a chair. This allows Stevie to begin to pick up momentum. However its short lived, a DDT later picks up the impressive victory.

Winner Raven

WCW TV Title – Ultimo Dragon (c) vs Alex Wright

Hilariously Ultimo Dragon is shocked and scared by fireworks going off behind him. A good match and mix of styles. I do love how Mike Tenay explains Ultimos style. Alex Wright takes plenty of offence and several times where he could have pinned the Dragon. Dragon reverses a top rope superplex into a brilliant front facing suplex  The Dragon catches some fire hitting Wright with a some high flying moves. However Wright hits the German Suplex for the victory to win the TV Title.

Winner and new TV Chanpion Alex Wright

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Chris Jericho (c) vs Eddy Guerrero

This should be a classic match both men were on top form at this point in their careers. Eddy is hot with his recent heel turn, just before the match he proclaims to the camera that he is the new cruiserweight champion. Love it Jericho hits Eddy with a giant swing which dazed Eddy for a while allowing Eddy to go outside. Jericho dives over the top rope only for Eddy to hit Jericho instead. Eddy hits the top rope Superplex. Both men hit counter after counter until Chris hits the suplex. Eddy kicks out, Jericho attempts a rolling pin. Eddy counters into a sunset flip pin, which is countered and counter again allowing Jericho to pin for the 3 count and retain his title.

Such a shame it ended so quickly, the match didn’t even go through an ad break. The match was picking up brilliant steam until it was stopped. Best match so far anyway! Eddy isn’t happy and attacks Jericho with a Brainbuster and Frog Splash .

8 man lucha libre tag team match

Psychosis, Villano IV, Villano V and Silver King vs Super Calo, Juventud Guerrera, Lizmark Jr and Hector Garza

Rules are slightly different here, tags can happen when someone is thrown over the rope to the floor too. Quick fire action which is impossible to watch and write! Plenty of fast spinning moves and hot tags. What is a little annoying is that none of the commentators are saying who is in the ring… Super Calo hits a brilliant rolling dive and almost hits the fans ringside. This starts a chain of dives to the outside. Psychosis hits the diving leg drop to pick up the win.

Winner Psychosis

Awkwardly Mean Gene is with two TV chefs who have been cooking all night. They reveal some play on wrestler names food. Macho Mayo is really wrong. Not sure how but the chefs reveal they are with the nWo as Randy Savage comes to the kitchen and celebrates nWos year anniversary. DDP comes down hits the Diamond Cutter on the chefs and destroys the kitchen. I am lost…

Konnan & Syxx vs Ric Flair and Curt Henning

Curt Henning recently returned to WCW following an absence from WWE since late 1996, debuting as DDP’s mystery partner at Bash at the Beach 1997. Henning proclaimed himself as the hottest free agent As a result Flair tried his best to attract Perfect to the Horsemen. Typical nWo style tag match with the numbers always in the nWo’s favour. Flair tries to hit the figure four leg lock on Konnan but Syxx breaks it up allowing Konnan to pin Flair. Henning breaks the count and hits a Fisherman Suplex to pick up the win. Once again a really quick match and not much to really draw from.

Winners Ric Flair and Curt Henning.

Post match Mean Gene asks Curt Henning whether he is a Horsemen? Curt denies any response. WCW have really built this up well, telling the story of where Henning stands brilliantly. Making his nWo defection event more effective.

Michael Buffer is ringside for Clash of Champions main event. WCW vs nWo. I do love Buffers ringside appearance. He always adds a major fight feel.

Randy Savage & Scott Hall vs Diamond Dallas Page & Lex Luger

The nWo comes to the ring, black and white ballons come down to celebrate their birthday. Kevin Nash announces that the match is now for the World tag team titles. Luger and Hall kick off the match. Naturally the numbers games plays a huge part throughout.  Grounding Lex Luger as the pack attacks. DDP and Luger get the momentum knocking down Hall and Savage. However dazed, DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Luger allowing Hall to pick up the win.

Whilst just shy of 10 minutes the main event played well to the strengths of WCW at the time. DDP sold the match beautifully playing along with an injury to his ribs, perfect face acting there! An quite honestly enjoyable.

 Winners Scott Hall and Randy Savage

nWo birthday ccelebrations

nWo birthday celebrations continue following the victory. After the break Eric Bishoff comes to the ring with the nWo. We want Sting chants fill the arena i sense something might crash the party. Eric sucks up to the entire roster saying Hall is the finest wrestler on the planet and that their isn’t enough encylopedias to Kevin Nash. Eric then talks how Hogan wants more limos and jets when thankfully someone cuts Erics mic, as the lights start fading.

Sting is in the rafters with a crow, the Crow music is played. A young boys voice describes Stings motives that he is ready to right the wrongs in the world. The arena goes into darkness as the lights come back on the crow is now on the ropes. Eric looks baffled and confused. Hilariously Eric tried to pet the bird only for the crow to flinch. Clash of the Champions is over. Quite simply watch the video below.

Overview thoughts This was a reslly enjoyable 100 minutes of wrestling. Sure the matches were rushed but all showed glimpses of greatness. Eddy vs Jericho by far was the standout match, even the main event was decent. The ending was eery to say the least  Having a Crow end the show is strange but makes me want to watch more. When will Sting attack.

Overall, Clash of Champions XXXV is well worth the watch on the WWE Network.

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