Daniel Bryan & The Miz Resolve; Moving Forward

SmackDown Live 2016

Daniel Bryan & The Miz Resolve; Moving Forward

It was reported recently in the WWE SmackDown Live Preview that there were still ongoing issues to be resolved between Daniel Bryan & The Miz. Things have being quite tense between the pair since their confrontation on Talking Smack a few weeks ago. It was probably the promo which set the attitude The Miz on fire again. He hasn’t shown that much tenacity in years. It was the promo to get him back in the spotlight. And it has certainly achieved this.

In recent moves as WWE Intercontinental Champion along with his wife Maryse, The Miz has being on absolute fire. His recent championship match against Dolph Ziggler at Backlash was an incredible moment for him and Dolph. But in the time since Backlash, rumours have being circulating about issues in resolving contractual negotiations between himself and the SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan. This was elaborated further when the SmackDown Live GM tweeted about ongoing situation…

But it has now emerged even further in the past few hours that the situation between the pair has now being resolved, with the SmackDown Live GM sending out the following tweet…


What this means for the future of the ongoing storyline between Daniel Bryan & The Miz remains to be seen. It should remain clear though, Daniel Bryan is currently considered retired from in-ring competition due to an accumulation of injuries. But he has remained vocal on several occasions about his desire to return to the ring. But how the WWE will continue to progress the storyline between the pair will remain to be seen. As it has being clear since the beginning of SmackDown Live, it is all about the talent not the management. This could certainly be an interesting time for both on SmackDown Live…

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