More Speculation on Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

More Speculation on Alberto Del Rio and Paige

With the recent news that the WWE an Alberto Del Rio had mutually agreed the termination of his contract. This ultimately has lead to much further speculation on the future of his current girlfriend Paige within the company. Both superstars were ultimately suspended by the WWE in late August following SummerSlam, for violations of the Wellness Policy. This has now lead to further speculation that Paige is looking to get out of her contract. This was heightened by the news that she had reportedly hired legal representation to aid her cause. Alberto Del Rio and Paige

On top of all this, on the back of Del Rio going out of the backdoor. Paige has now reportedly quit as reported by WhatCulture. This is certainly not good news for the WWE Women’s Division as she is arguably one of the top female superstars in recent years. Making her debut the night after WrestleMania 30, she shocked the world when she captured the WWE Diva’s Championship from AJ Lee in her debut match. But since the culmination of her feud with Charlotte at Survivor Series last year, things have being a lot quieter for Paige. She hasn’t competed on a big event since WrestleMania 32, and even that was on the pre-show. Little has being seen of her since. Whether she will leave the company still remains to be seen.

Following the news that he had departed from the company, bits and pieces began flowing as to why Del Rio had departed from the company. He recently sat down with Lucha Blog to elaborate on the reasons why he left…

  • He has stated he finished up with WWE because he was not happy with his second run in the company, and that his passion for wrestling was beginning to wane.
  • He felt like he has accomplished all he can in WWE and it was time to move on.
  • He noted the split with the WWE was amicable and there are no negative feelings.
  • He is cleared to work outside of the US, and will be able to compete in the US soon. 
  • He isn’t looking to sign with anywhere, and is likely to be retiring within the next two years.
  • His first post WWE appearance will be for the WAW Promotion in Norwich, England. Teaming with his brother memo, they will be facing Zack and Roy Knight – brothers of his girlfriend Paige in the promotion owned by her parents.


Only time will tell is Paige is definitely on her way out of the company. This could certainly be an interesting time for the former WWE Divas Champion…

What do you think of the latest development between Alberto Del Rio, Paige and the WWE? We’d love to know what you think!

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