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July 4th 1996, signalled one of wrestlings finest moments. Following a hugely successful baby face run in two of the biggest wrestling companies. Hulk Hogan turned on WCW and joined the nWo. Arguably it saved his career; fans got tired of the same old act similar to how John Cenas recent run has been going. On Eric Bischoffs podcast the Hulkster gave his opinion on how WWE should book a John Cena heel turn.

That would be a tough one. There are just so many ways. With this “PG Era” that is going on right now it would be in the ring. Turn around, sucker punch somebody. Like how AJ did it to John when they were going to fight off the two buddies of his from New Japan. AJ just turned on John Cena. For me it would have to be more personal. They would have to get a couple of actors. I don’t even know if this would fly but my first thing would be to make it real, real personal. This is not the answer but this the tone of what it would be. It would have to be a situation where John Cena would be sitting down with a couple of actors that were Make-a-Wish kids or somebody like that. In a real personal situation. The whole thing would be, “I did this for the money. I don’t really care about you. I did this for John Cena and the money.” It would be more personal to me how he would turn rather than just doing a physical act of violence in the ring or stabbing somebody in the back. It would be all of the above but I would really like the topic to read more personal so it gets people’s guts and hurts people on a heartfelt level. There’s been so much backstabbing and turning on the guy. Pointing at one guy and hitting the other guy. John Cena could be such a big move that if he personalized this about how he really did this for the money. Really never wanted to see the kids. How he never really liked the crowd cheering him on. How he’d get sick of people interrupting him while he’s eating dinner. How he couldn’t even go and see a movie without people bothering him. I’d like to really, really personalize it just to put a bad taste in everybody’s mouth.

By far Hogans idea is an extreme one, it would be effective to have him turn in a make a wish foundation skit. The risks are huge, the majority fanbase is children. John is a great role model who gives hope to children. A turn in that manner would shift the momentum. The hardcore fans would cheer Cena rather than boo him.

Regardless Hogans theory is a great one. If WWE had huge competition, they would have pulled the trigger years ago but its safer to keep Cena face. For now we can fantasise.

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