WWE SmackDown Results 6th September 2016

SmackDown Live 2016

WWE SmackDown Results 6th September 2016

With less than one week to go until the return of Backlash, this is the go-home show for the SmackDown Live Roster ahead of their debut PPV. AJ Styles has certainly being gaining momentum since he defeated John Cena at SummerSlam. Will he be able to continue building this momentum ahead of his championship match against Dean Ambrose? And the battle lines are drawn between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler over the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but will the SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan prove to be a factor in the mindset for The Miz? This weeks edition of SmackDown Live comes from the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. Here is this weeks WWE SmackDown Results 6th September 2016… 

— The show opened with Daniel Bryan and the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship in the ring.. He said before Sunday’s Six-Pack Challenge for the title, SmackDown will have a tag team match with all participants, and they will have a SmackDown women’s forum right now. Becky Lynch came to the ring first, soon followed by Natalya, Carmella and Alexa Bliss. The heels got in Becky’s face and eventually Naomi and Nikki Bella came out to even the odds. Becky’s team cleared the ring to set up the six-woman tag match later.

1. The Miz defeated Apollo Crews. Dolph Ziggler was on commentary for this match, with The Miz suckering Ziggler to get involved before shoving Crews into him. Miz shoved Crews into the ringpost, then hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

— After the match, Ziggler challenged Miz to come to the ring to collect his Intercontinental Championship. Miz however sent Maryse to pick it up.

2. Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Carmella defeated Becky Lynch, Naomi and Nikki Bella.

3. American Alpha defeated The Usos. American Alpha won with the Grand Amplitude in a quick match to advance to the Tag Title’s Tournament final.

— Fandango appears in the ring and auditions women to dance with. They don’t work out, so he asks if anyone has the fire to dance with him. This brings out Kane who chokeslams him.

4. Heath Slater and Rhyno defeated The Hype Bros. Rhyno gored Zack Ryder to pick up the win and advance to the tournament finals.

— Dean Ambrose headed to the ring to confront AJ Styles with the WWE World Championship and a duffle bag in tow. Ambrose presented Styles with a trophy, saying it would be the only one he would ever get from him. Styles pointed out that he beat John Cena clean, and Ambrose is certainly no John Cena. The show ended with Styles kicking Ambrose in the crotch.

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