Is Mick Foley leaving the WWE?

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Is Mick Foley leaving the WWE?

***Note, this is pure speculation and theory at the moment regarding Mick Foley. But bear with for a few moments, and see what you think.*** 

Since his in-ring retirement in the WWE in 2000, Mick Foley has being a sporadic character on our screens ever since. He has tended to drift in and out of the storyline throughout this time. He began his initial stint post-retirement as the WWE Commissioner in Summer 2000, a role that lasted around 5-6 months. He has had occasional returns to the ring since, usually in a feud to elevate someone to the next level. This has being done with Randy Orton and Edge to name but a few. After infrequent appearances since 2012, there were certainly some turned heads when he made his return this past July as the RAW General Manager. However, no longer medically cleared to be a competitor, this is a role as pure authority figure.

The pairing of Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley was certainly an interesting concept, but in some ways it makes perfect sense. Foley is more than capable of playing the gullible character which can be controlled by Stephanie. This is a very stark contrast to the duo of Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown, which is fantastic. But with all good things in the WWE, it has to turn sour at some point in time. 

As we have all seen, Triple H has recently returned to the WWE following a five-month hiatus. He was a deciding factor in Kevin Owens becoming the WWE Universal Champion. But this has, actually seemingly put Mick Foley’s nose out of joint. From the RAW post-show with Stephanie and Seth Rollins, he seemed very disgruntled with what had happened. This was followed this past week on RAW when Foley sent out a very cryptic tweet…


This was ultimately followed by further tweets by WWE which elaborated to various moments between Stephanie and Mick throughout RAW. This has set the cogs in motion – is the business partnership between Stephanie and Mick already coming to an end? Well, given that Triple H is now pretty much back on TV it would make sense. As, lets face it there is too much bad blood between Triple H and Mick Foley to work coherently within a storyline. And if Stephanie were forced to choose between her husband or her General Manager, then we know which way she would go. It would make perfect sense for Mick to be on his way out. It’ll just be interesting to see what happens as this storyline between Stephanie and Mick plays out…

Remember this is pure speculation and theory at the moment, there is no source to back this up. But, if it does turn out to be true, remember you heard it at WDD first!

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