Noelle Foley Discusses Wanting To Be A Wrestler

WWE Networks hit new show Holy Foley is a reality show based on Mick Foley’s family. During a recent interview ​with Noelle and Mick Foley discuss Noelle wanting to be a WWE superstar, Holy Foley and more. Below are some highlights.

Noelle Foley on wanting to get into the business: 

“I watched [my dad] when I was younger, but then I stopped [watching] for a long time. I started watching again around 2010 or 2011, and like, really watching it every single week. So just watching it all, being backstage and meeting everyone … I have just always loved it. Like I said earlier, so many people look up to him, and I would love for people to look up to me.

Mick on Vince McMahon’s reaction to the two on the show: 

“It was definitely Mr. McMahon who loved the chemistry between the two of us. He saw me and Noelle in some footage together, and he thought it would make for a great entry into a family reality show for WWE. Some fans are aware that I kind of go in and out of favor, but deep down, Mr. McMahon has always liked me, always respected me, and he wanted to know if I would like to work with the company again.”

Noelle Foley on filming the show

“Yeah, that was a lot of fun. But filming Holy Foley was very different for me. During “Celebrity Wife Swap,” it was like the kids were in the background. And now, it’s kind of like I’m almost the star of Holy Foley which is kind of amazing that they would want a show based around me and my dad.”

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