5 Summerslam Talking Points

Brock Slays Summerslam 2016

Summerslam 2016 will be the event that promised so much yet failed to deliver on so many levels. No doubt it will be a show to watch back in segments and you’d be suprised on how good it actually was. The 6 hour marathon is not a great idea for fans inside the arena and fans wanting to go to sleep on the Network. 

None the less, Summerslam saw some incredible talking point moments. So lets shade away from the obvious negatives and focus on the five key talking points of Summerslam 2016.

Sasha Banks Shocking Loss
Yes WWE is predetermined and everything “should” have a reason. Yet Sasha Banks sudden title drop seemed very strange. Mid match Sasha Banks was literally shoved off viciciously by Charlotte; whether this had an affect time will tell. Regardless of the loss, and speculation of Sasha immediate future he match was fantastic.

John Cena and AJ Styles Tore The Roof Down

Their match at Money In Tne Bank was subline. Summerslam they quite simply tore the roof down. AJ Styles and John Cena traded move after move; finish after finish. AJ was even able to kick out of a top rope AA with ease. AJ Styles secured the unexpected win with a Styles Clash and Pheonamal Elbow.

Even more of a talking point was John Cenas symbolic post match actions. John left his Never Give Up sweat band in the middle of the ring. Has John Cena left WWE again for a short while?

Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler don’t hit the sweet spot

On paper Ambrose and Ziggler should have been incredible. Yet at Summerslam fans were left dissapointed. Following the hard hitting and incredible match between John Cena and AJ Styles, fans inside the Barclays Arena didn’t get behind the WWE Championship match. Jim Ross tweeted mid match that the average WWE doesn’t know how to discect a slow pace match and expect high action all the time. I agree, whilst this wasn’t a stellar match the pace was nice and enjoyable to watch. Racking up through the gears the spots happened and importantly Dean Ambrose won by hitting the Dirty Deeds clean.

That Red Universal Title Owned By The Demon King

Brand distinction is key; however a show can’t be distinquished by the colour. Raw’s new WWE Universal Championship is a red version of the WWE Championship. It looks like a child gave it a face lift. None the less when has a crowd ever booed a world title?

Regardless of fan opinion the match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor didn’t disappoint. They gave just enough without giving everything. I expect a rematch between them sooner than later. 

Seeing Finn Balor walk out as the first WWE Universal Champion is something I didn’t expect but a bold move for sure. This is the new era and we have a new World Champion in the name of Finn Balor. Finn has also become the first WWE star to win a world title in his PPC debut.

A Bloody Knockout

Damm… Brock Lesnar is an animal. Similar to his onslaught to John Cena in 2014. Lesnar simply destroyed the Viper. Orton managed some small offence including and rKo through the announce table but it wasn’t quite enough. The beast batter Orton to a bloody pulp following some viscious punches to the skull of Orton. Leaving the former legend killer knocked out in a pool of his own blood. 

Whether it was planned or not the ending was effective. Who can stop the Beast? Really serious can anyone step up to Lesnar? Sure the match was over too quick but you can’t deny the impact Orton’s blood on the mat had.

Sunmerslam 2016 certainly didn’t live up to immediate expectation however three matches were classics, and several unexpected victories on reflection saves the show.

What did you think of the show? Let us know via the comments.

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