OSR: WWE SummerSlam 1999 Review

summerslam 1999

OSR: WWE SummerSlam 1999 Review

The final countdown to WWE SummerSlam 2016 is on, and in the latest edition of the OSR we go back to 1999. This was the height of the infamous Attitude Era, but when a political leader became involved. After an absence of nearly a decade, Jesse Ventura was back in the WWE and officiating the main event for the WWE Championship. With nine matches on the card, this was quite possible one of the defining cards of The Attitude Era. This is certainly an event which has being watched before, but not for a number of years. So here in the OSR, we look back with the WWE SummerSlam 1999 Review…

The opening promo looks at fairly recent moments with special guest referees/enforcers, and how they have shaped the reign of Stone Cold Steve Austin,. which led to the return of Jesse “The Body” Ventura. He is the supposed power who can maintain law and order. We then go inside the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for this evenings events with our commentary team JR and The King who preview the main event. Tonight’s special guest referee Jesse is laying down the law to Triple H and Chyna about the main event. Backstage Chris Jericho talking about making an impact, with Howard Finkel as his literal servant. It’s about time to kick off the first match of the evening;

WWE Intercontinental and European Championships: D’Lo Brown (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra)

Jeff makes his way to the ring first, with Debra receiving the better reaction. As Debra poses for the crowd, she is soon sent backstage by Jeff as those in attendance chant a**hole. Debra then return to the ring as the manageress of D’Lo Brown for the match. As Debra poses once again, Jeff quickly attacks D’Lo for the match to get underway. Jeff and D’Lo have some initial bouts of control, but ultimately the match pace is dictated by Jeff. The end comes when it looks like Debra is trying to interfere distracting the referee. This causes Mark Henry to make an appearance, ultimately nailing D’Lo with Jeff’s guitar. This allows Jeff to pick up the win in a respectable opening match.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett, to capture the WWE Intercontinental and European Championships

Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 Stars

Tag Team Turmoil: Edge and Christian vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy (w/ Gangrel) vs. Viscera and Mideon vs. Droz and Prince Albert vs. Bradshaw and Faarooq vs. Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly

Edge and Christian make their way to the ring first, and the second entrant is Matt and Jeff Hardy. The match gets underway with The Hardy’s in control of the match, along with some occasional interference from Gangrel. The Hardy’s are the first duo eliminated with the next entrants being Viscera and Mideon, who begin with dominance over Christian. Ultimately, though Mideon and Viscera are eliminated when Edge nails Mideon with a spear. The next entrants are Droz and Prince Albert who dominate over Edge. However, Edge and Christian continue after a downward spiral on Albert thus eliminating him and Droz.

The next entrants are Bradshaw and Faarooq, who are initially dominated ultimately succeed over Edge and Christian, when Bradshaw nails a mammoth clothesline to continue. The final duo to enter are Crash and Hardcore Holly, who are systematically taken apart. Hardcore has some brief offense but not a lot. Eventually, Hardcore and Crash end up fighting with one another which leads to Hardcore being pinned by Faarooq. Ultimately, Bradshaw and Faarooq are the winners of an average Tag Team Turmoil. The stand out performances were Edge and Christian though, who looked very credible.

Winner: Bradshaw and Faarooq

Match Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

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