Opinion: Why Wait For Summerslam When You Can Have It For Free

Finn Balor on RAW

Summerslam is WWE’s second largest event of the year behind WrestleMania. With five huge main event matches scheduled, the final Raw’s and Smackdown should leave us wanting to watch New York’s summer spectacular. This coming Sunday AJ Styles and John Cena clash in arguably their final rubber match. Dolph Ziggler gets a chance to take on WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. Finn Balor makes his WWE PPV debut as he faces Seth Rollins to crown the first WWE Universal Championship. Roman Reigns challenges Rusev for the United States championship. Whilst finally, Randy Orton takes on The Beast Brock Lesnar. With five huge main event matches, selling Summerslam shouldn’t be difficult. 

Yet this past week on Monday Night Raw; WWE gave away two highly anticipated moments which should have been saved for Summerslam. Something which for this writer is a huge grate on our own intelligence. For weeks Rusev and Roman Reigns have been getting into each others business. Roman Reigns forced Rusev to shove his own bride into their wedding cake. Following several heated moments during Raw; Mick Foley made Raw’s main event a match between Rusev and Reigns. Seriously, a match with plenty of time investment and a chance to help push Rusev into the next level was wasted, completely given away in a throw away pre Summerslam edition of Raw. Roman Reigns pinned Rusev, after getting out of the accolade. Other than the add on of the United States champion, what is there to fight for at Summerslam? A match which would have been great inside the Barclays arena has lost its appeal. A Rusev victory would have made much more sense, to give that nudge to Reigns to step up on PPV.

Now where to start with the second faux pars… somethings should be saved for the right moment. Finn Balor made a cracking debut four weeks ago on Raw. The following weeks, WWE have played up his Demon King character perfectly. Adding extra dimensions and importance to Finn Balor’s demon character. Throughout his career, even whilst as Prince Devitt, the Demon only appeared when the time was right. The big matches, the NXT Takeover events, his grand entrance was never wasted for a simple TV taping.

With the build upto the WWE Universal Championship match, Seth Rollins has played scared of the Demon King. Finn Balor, talked about all of the Irish myths and legends of Demons and monsters. Even giving clues to his name, Balor the demon beast. On top of a stellar match, we will witness the Demon King for the first time at Summerslam. How would Finn deliver it on a grand stage, rather than the NXT stage. All of that was revealed, not on Sunday 21st, but the Raw before Summerslam. As a fan I am shocked, this would have been the key moment of Summerslam. The grand reveal, the “birth”of the Demon King character in the big E. Yet a lukewarm reaction on Raw was chosen for the time to reveal this. Such a waste, for an important moment.

You wouldn’t have your WrestleMania moment on a Raw or Smackdown, so why not use that same philosophy for Summerslam too. Let alone as the debut of an important character like Demon King. With such a long four hour show, big fans need moments to expect and look forward to. Raw left like watching the trailers before Star Wars episode V and finding out that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. WWE sacrificed shock value ratings for the bigger picture on Monday, something which could very much impede Summerslam.

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