Ric Flair speaks on Charlotte, 2002 Brand Split & More!

Ric Flair

Ric Flair speaks on Charlotte, 2002 Brand Split & More!

He is one of the most critically acclaimed wrestlers in the last 50 years. He made his pro wrestling debut in 1972, and remained competitive until 2011. A 16-time World Heavyweight Champion and 2-time WWE Hall of Fame entrant. Now 67-years-old and retired, he was most recently seen managing his daughter, Charlotte. He recently spoke out about his final match in the WWE in 2008, and his short time in TNA thereafter. But in another recent interview, Ric Flair spoke out about several more things. Here are some of the highlights;

  • When asked about the original 2002 Brand Split and the 2016 revival, Flair revealed…

“Well when it happened the very first time, it captured the imagination of the viewers. The fact that Smackdown is going live, it was needed to create that shuffle. Now you have two competitive products under one umbrella. Now don’t think they aren’t going to be digging. I love the new sets and everything that is part of this new era. Vince McMahon is a genius and innovative as hell. He has a daughter and a son-in-law who will carry that flag, until somebody shoots it down. Trust me, the work ethic they have is simply amazing.”

  • When asked about the establishment of Evolution in 2003, and whether it was needed, Flair revealed…

“It was an amazing time and I enjoyed every second of it. All the respect to Triple H who put us all together. It was a little more conservative than the 4 Horseman but equally just as fun. It was a great opportunity for me to have a good time, and I always do. Randy is back and looks like a million dollars. Dave has a brand of his own that has taken off. And look at Hunter who is virtually running the company. I am proud of all three of them for improving their wrestling careers and other opportunities outside of the wrestling business. Look at Hunter though, he has taken a tremendous amount of responsibility in the WWE. Look at NXT where I think he was solely responsible for the upswing on the talent. When he took that over it blew up.”

  • When asked about Charlotte’s recent loss of the WWE Women’s Championship, Flair revealed…

“She didn’t lose anything. She proved to everyone in the world that she is the greatest athlete in the WWE and the greatest women’s champion of all time. There’s no disgrace losing to Sasha. She had it for 307 days which is such a long time in a sport that is so very competitive. I’m so proud of her and she has such a positive attitude. She’s looking forward to the rematch and so am I. She’s only been the business for 4 years and she has come so far already. Out of those 4 years she took 8 months off due to injury and another 4 due to my son passing away. She has come full circle and is just a phenomenal athlete. Obviously, it takes time to develop a craft in wrestling and to tweak things to get comfortable. The hardest thing in this business is if you have the ability, you still need to develop that character. She found that niche and she’s rocking and rolling.”

  • When asked about the recent revival of The Ric Flair Podcast, Flair revealed…

“I think this network is really behind the new podcast. Working with my co-host Conrad, he has really put the work into this and I think he is a genius. I don’t think CBS really got behind it and promoted it properly. They are nice people don’t get me wrong, but they don’t do that for a living. They are a television network and podcasting isn’t their forte. They wanted me to go find my own sponsors. Again, I enjoyed working with them but they were so much of a turnover in the chain of command, you never knew who to deal with.”

What did you think about Ric Flair’s time in the WWE managing Charlotte and his time in Evolution? We’d love to know what you think?

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