Backstage Heat on Sami Zayn?

Sami Zayn

Backstage Heat on Sami Zayn?

The Brand Extension is now underway, possibly thanks to influence by USA Network officials about continual low ratings for SmackDown. But the benefits of the Brand Extension are clear. This provides a whole new group of superstars the opportunity to establish themselves as part of their particular brand. On the red brand in particular, there are two superstars who stand out in particular. Former NXT Superstars Finn Balor and Sami Zayn. With Balor’s future quickly becoming clear, the same cannot be said for Zayn.

He ultimately didn’t appear on RAW this week. He actually competed in a match prior to RAW, in the taping for Superstars against Curtis Axel. Zayn is just coming off a high profile feud with Kevin Owens, having probably the best match on the Battleground card. But in the aftermath, it is the loser Kevin Owens who is still in a high profile feud. Zayn on the other hand is of yet to be entered into a match for SummerSlam.

Following this win over Kevin Owens, not entering Zayn into another high profile feud is certainly unusual. Zayn is easily one of the most accepted superstars of the WWE roster at this moment in time. But he is going around at the moment unused and loitering in the shadows. Whilst a match for SummerSlam isn’t completely out of the question. It ultimately seems unlikely given there are nine matches already on the card. This has lead to the increased speculation that there is backstage heat in the WWE on Sami Zayn.

Whether or not this is the case, it currently remains unclear. The backstage politics within are certainly an interesting case. They are probably one of the most unpredictable things within the WWE. Your never know what is around the corner. The latest development with Zayn is certainly unusual, and leaves the lingering thought that there is more to this situation than meets the eye.

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