OSR: WWE SummerSlam 2003 Review

SummerSlam 2003

OSR: WWE SummerSlam 2003 Review

The countdown to the biggest party of the summer continues in the OSR, and we go back to a SummerSlam marred with a few blunders. Due to injury, three matches planned had to be condensed into one resulting in a very mismatch of matches being conjured up across the card. This was the first joint PPV event since the decision to have individual brand PPV events since Judgment Day but is also notable for a few things: Eric Bischoff’s in-ring WWE PPV debut, Brock Lesnar’s final SummerSlam event until 2012 and the end of Kevin Nash’s then-run in the WWE. I can distinctly remember watching this event live on Sky Sports at the time, but it has not being watched back in a very long-time. Nonetheless, here we go with the SummerSlam 2003 Review…

The show opens with Lilian Garcia performing a rendition of “America the Beautiful”, before the opening video package looks at several of the prominent matches for the evening. A significant focus is given to the RAW matches, whereas there is only the mention of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle for the SmackDown portion of things. A slightly grim opening package before we go inside the America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona for this evenings event. We are quickly introduced to our three commentary teams for this evening before we head up to the ring for the first match of the evening;

[RAW] World Tag Team Championship: La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree) (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley)

The Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring first, as the video package shows the debut of Rob Conway on RAW as a US Service Man who aligned himself with Rene Dupree. La Resistance then make their way to the ring, and the match gets underway in the aisle way. The Dudley’s have the initial control in the match, but soon enough La Resistance are able to gain the upper hand and begin the dominance over Bubba Ray.

As the match continues, it becomes clear the lengths La Resistance will go to in order to remain World Tag Team Champions. The end of the match comes when D-Von is attacked by a camera man, which allows Grenier to pick up the win. It is then revealed that the camera man is Rob Conway, before he then takes out Bubba Ray. An average opening match, which could have being worse but also could have being better.

Winner: La Resistance, to retain the World Tag Team Championship

Match Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

[SmackDown] The Undertaker vs. A-Train (w/ Sable)

The video package shows the rise of A-Train, where he attacked Stephanie McMahon at Vengeance before targeting The Undertaker in the weeks leading up to the event. The match soon enough gets underway in a very unusual and methodical way which is very unlike Taker. Soon enough though, A-Train is able to maintain the pace and control of the match. The match continues at a very mediocre pace, which culminates in The Undertaker picking up the win following a chokeslam. After the match, Sable attempts to “seduce” Taker but he just grabs her by the throat to allow Stephanie to make her return and take her out.

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 Stars

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