Latest on Nikki Bella Return!

Nikki Bella

Latest on Nikki Bella Return!

She has being on the injury list since the end of 2015. Following her loss of the WWE Diva’s Championship, she quietly disappeared from our screens with her status unknown. She later underwent major neck surgery at the beginning of 2016 in an effort to alleviate her symptoms. Her surgery was a success, and despite two cameo appearances she hasn’t being seen on WWE Television since. Over the course of the summer, it had emerged she was training with her brother-in-law. Now SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, but he prominent finisher the Rack Attack would no longer be used. The reason, was it can be seen as a major contributing factor to her injury. It has now even more recently emerged that she was in training at the WWE Performance Center sparking rumors of an in-ring return. However, according to a recent report from ProWrestlingSheet, that this may not actually be the case as of yet. 

Whilst her recent training sessions at the WWE Performance Center can definitely be seen as a major step in the right direction. It has yet to see WWE Officials clear her to make an in-ring return. They are reportedly being exceptionally careful on going forward with her. This obvious severity of her injury only adds cause to this. At this present time, it is said that they are merely monitoring how her surgically repaired neck is responding to physical combat.

Nikki is reportedly very hopeful of making a return to the ring, even if can just be on a part-time basis. But she has openly stated that she won’t be using the Rack Attack anymore. Hence her training with Daniel Bryan to establish a new finisher. Nikki is arguably one of the defining female competitors in the last 10 years since the days of Trish Stratus and Lita. Hopefully, her neck is strong enough to allow her to make the return she so desires.

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