WWE Monday Night RAW Spoiler 1st August 2016


WWE Monday Night RAW Spoiler 1st August 2016

He hasn’t being seen on WWE Television since the obliteration of Dean Ambrose in the Street Fight at WrestleMania 32. His return has being announced, as we revealed in the recent RAW Preview. But it has now emerged that “The Beast” Brock Lesnar will not be alone. After a short time of his position in the WWE being up for deliberation. It has now being revealed that Brock Lesnar’s biggest advocate, Paul Heyman will be there alongside him on RAW.

Like Lesnar, Heyman hasn’t being seen on WWE Television for a while now. And recently, in various sources it was revealed that Heyman’s contract had expired. This lead to some initial concern that his WWE future was up in the air. Specifically, as there did not seem to be a real rush for the WWE to resign him. But with the news that Heyman will now be on RAW this week, this is obviously very positive news. There is currently no news on his contract status. Whilst appearing on RAW is a goer and his short term future is resolved, his long term future isn’t necessarily resolved as of yet. Hopefully there will be some news on the resolution of this soon, because Brock Lesnar without Paul Heyman just doesn’t sit well.

He is one of the greatest talkers of the modern day wrestling era, and can deliver so much to whomever he is advocating. It could most definitely be argued that there are several members of the WWE Roster that could benefit from having someone like Heyman in their presence. Look what he managed to achieve for Curtis Axel in their short time together. With Axel being known as Mr Irrelevant, there is possibly a vacancy for this duo to be revitalized. Point being, Heyman can deliver so much to whomever he is aligned with. He could, if put in the right place be one of the defining faces of the 2016 Brand Split.

What do you think about the news that Paul Heyman is returning on RAW? Do you think there is the potential for him to advocate someone else? We’d love to know what you think!

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